Реферат: Lord Of The Flies Reading Log Essay

Lord Of The Flies Reading Log Essay, Research Paper

? Piggy watched him in disgust.

?Like a crowd of kids???

Pg. 38

This sentence is appealing because technically, Piggy himself is a kid. Piggy thinks of other people as kids mainly because he is the most brilliant being on the island. Although Piggy is annoying when he whines about not being chosen for the exploration party, and demands full attention because he holds the conch. He is also the only one on the island who knows that the boys will never be rescued. He is also perceptive enough to know that game playing and being childish will get nothing accomplished, that without control the fire will spread wildly, and the best thing to do is to build protective shelters against the chilling night winds. But, he is Piggy. No one will really take his ideas seriously because of his appearance and nickname.

The signal fire that the boys made indirectly belongs to Piggy. For it was Piggy?s specs that was used as a magnifying lens to create the fire.

I am beginning to realize that every boys and objects can symbolize something in our everyday life. Piggy represents intelligence and a civilization. Unfortunately, I don?t think he will survive in a stranded island using his brain. It is the physical strength that counts in the wilderness.

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