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Lakh Essay, Research Paper

We have all been down a very long road. There have been so many twists and turns along the way, but finally we have found our precious “E” again. It won’t be an easy road, it never is, but we will make it. Love heals all wounds, even ones that rip people to shreds, or so we hope. Ann Elizabeth let us into her heart for the very first time, and that took the greatest amount of courage of all.

Through Ann Elizabeth, I have come to realize that people make their own choices in life, and eventually we are held accountable for those choices. Through my love for her and knowledge of what she has had to go through, I make different decisions than other people my age. I value life; and with every choice I make I think of Ann Elizabeth, my family, the children, and most of all my Lord. With their support and guidance, I will prevail. Hopefully, so will she.

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