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Crucible Essay, Research Paper

John Proctor, in my eyes was all around a pretty good man. Except

for the fact that he committed adultery with Abigail Williams, when

she was his household servant. Proctor hates hypocrisy, and his

hidden sin causes a great deal of moral anguish within him. I believe

that he had good in him, because he wasn?t about to let Abigail get

away with lying, hurting others, or breaking up his family.

Proctor confessed to committing adultery to save his wife. That

was a big step for him. I feel that it showed love for his wife. His wife

had to go and lie, but it was to save him. The whole situation is

confusing to me. Abigail should have just told the truth and

confessed her love for John. I do not like her character at all. John

stood strong, though, like a man of his nature should have. If I was

him I would have cracked. He did crack some, but not like I would

have. I would have jumped on Abigail and beat her down. It?s not

right to lie like she did.

A moral dilemma occurred with Proctor over the decision to

confess or not to confess to witchcraft. I think he should have

confessed. Then, he would still have his family; his wife, his boys, and

the baby. He chose to save his name. In my eyes, that was selfish,

because now his family is fatherless, and has to suffer. Sure, if he

would have confessed he would no longer have his name, but couldn?t

he move away? It might catch up with him someday, but he would

still have his family and be able to go on living his life. What is

Elizabeth Proctor, his wife, to do now? She has to raise two boys and

a baby all alone. John should have confessed.

The ending of the movie really made me mad. Abigail should

have confessed her love for John and saved his life. She didn?t

though. I guess that is how it really went back then, in Salem.

Although, I do not agree with the outcome, I do think that it was

brave of Proctor to give his life. I think deep down Proctor knew that

if he died, Abigail would pay for what she has caused. Abigail only

wanted John Proctor to love her, but now that he is dead she can

never have him. She will be in pain for the rest of her life, because of

what she did. Proctor knew that too.

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