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Inherit The Wind Think Piece Essay, Research Paper

Inherit the Wind Think Piece

In today’s society, where angry children shoot, bomb, and threaten their schoolmates, there exists a rather incoherent line between appropriate classroom conversation and unacceptable discussion. True, this line did not exist some years ago, but as times changed, so did certain parameters. A teacher’s freedom in the classroom is one such hotly debated question. Where should the line be drawn? What is the difference between right and wrong? These are questions that are not easily answered. Some say that we should look at each individual incident of indecent or inappropriate discussion, but really, how will these halt future conversation? In a society where our youth is incredibly impressionable, how will this put an end to the tragedies that have become so terribly regular?

Some say that since the community pays teachers’ salaries, they should be the ones to decide the curriculum. But how will this prevent incidents like the one portrayed in Inherit the Wind? True, parents should absolutely have a voice in what their children are taught, but is that where the buck stops? Really, it’s not. Perhaps it is the best idea that the entire community discussion curriculums, and that means teachers, school board comities, PTAs as well as parents. Through this way, everyone can discuss what goes into the minds of our leaders of tomorrow. We will get the best of both worlds.

On the subject of how much freedom does a teacher possess, that too is up to the community. And when the term community is used, that again means everyone: teachers, school boards, and parents. Maybe it would be even better if teachers were allowed to discuss things as whole. A subject should be explained in as many ways, from as many view points, as possible. Then students can decide for themselves for themselves what they believe. However, in a time when kids will take most everything literally, and then take it too an extreme, maybe this methods is not the best. If this topic were to have been discussed two years ago, perhaps the answer would be different. However, since the tragedy at Columbine High School in Colorado a couple of years ago, parameters have changed, and perhaps tightened.

Sure, everyone has an opinion to this subject, but whose is correct? Like the debate over women’s rights, gun control, and the death penalty, who really has the answers? Everyone thinks that they know, but really, do they? Maybe time will tell. Perhaps in a few years there will be some sort of revelation, but until then, who knows? All people can do is form their own opinions and then make them known. When everyone’s thoughts are thrown together, maybe the answer will produce itself. Until then, we can only debate.

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