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Drunken Angel

Shogun can actually be played in several modes. The campaign game is the most involved and probably the most appealing, although there

are also historical battle scenarios such as Nagashima and 4th Kawanakajima. There is also a “custom battle” game (available in multiplayer

as well) in which forces can be selected from a pool, although there is no map editor. Instead, play takes place on one of the provincial

maps. Without the campaign game, Shogun would be a very enjoyable RTS game with serious depth. With the strategic element of the

campaign game, Shogun acquires a context that enhances both the strategic and tactical angles.

I refuse to use the tired reviewing clich? “epic in scope” to describe Shogun’s campaign game, so being the hack writer that I am, that leaves

me fresh out of ideas. Whatever you call it, the feel of the campaign is absorbing. Each province has certain characteristics, such as unique

terrain, an agriculture/resource rating (which determines how much it produces), and loyalty to the Daimyo (leader) of the clan which

currently owns it. Provinces can have improvements built on them, such as agricultural upgrades that increase production, mines that provide

a fixed revenue, ports, and castles. Instant movement is possible between provinces that have ports, as there are no ships and there is no

naval combat. Castles allow the production of buildings, and these buildings in turn produce troops of various types, each of which is based

on historical troops and has distinctive strengths and weaknesses. In the tactical game, this variety yields outstanding depth of gameplay.

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