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Character Sketch Of Nora Essay, Research Paper

A Doll s House Character Sketch of Nora

A Doll s House Nora is a very full of life, down to earth character. It s hard to say exactly what she is. Is she an absent-minded, silly child, as she appears to be in the beginning? Is she a gullible woman needing protection from a harsh world, as Torvald perceives her. Or is she actually a very smart, good-intentioned woman as she appears to be at the end of the book. It seems to us that we draw the conclusion that Nora is a childish woman who loves to spend money. She is so easily talked down by her husband who calls her a little sparrow and how he is supposed to protect her from the hawks. She appears to be a typical housewife, running the home while he works.

When Torvald was in desperate need of some help, the only person who could come through for her was Nora. The Doctors were not able to help him, and the only thing Nora was able to do was to take out a huge loan and she has been paying it off every single chance she had. When Torvald found out, instead of being grateful, he is outraged. She knew the seriousness of the offense that she is committed, but it hardly meant anything for the man that she loved.

Nora committed a small moral thing by going behind is back to do it, and forging her father s signature, but she knew that was the only way she would ever be able to do it. Torvald was not able to cope the idea what she had done for him. She really worked to save him, but he just wasn t able to see that. So she left him.

Everything Nora did, she did it out of the love and caring. She is actually a very intelligent woman he does not deserve to be treated the way she was. It s a shame that Nora was put through the sexist beliefs, by supposedly the superior the man .

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