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John Marshall Essay, Research Paper

My name is John Marshall. I am the son of Thomas and Mary Marshall. I was Born on the 24th of September, 1755. I was the oldest of fifteen children in my family. As a child I lived in the near frontier region of Virginia. I was mostly educated by my parents at home. I had more teaching at an academy in Westmore land County.

In 1775, I became a minuteman with my father. I served under General Washington s army for three years in New Jersey, New york, and Pennsylvania, including service in 1777-78 at Valley Forge. After my service in the Virginia troops ended in 1779, I returned to Virginia and saw little activity.

My Career in law began in 1780. I had a brief course of lectures given by George Wythe at William and Mary College early in that year. In August 1780, I was licensed to practice, returning to Virginia. I was elected to the Virginia House of Delegates in 1782 and 1784. After I met Mary Ambler in 1780 and married her on the 3rd of January in 1783, I attended sessions of the legislature in the capitol at Richmond. .My first federal service was when President John Adams appointed me as a member of the commision, to seek improved relations with the french republic. It failed. I was elected in1799 as a federalist from the Richmond district, though my service in the House of Representatives was brief. My chief accomplishment there appears to have been the effective defense of the President against a republican attack for having honoured a British request under the extradition treaty for the surrender of a seaman charged with murder on a British Warship on the high seas. In January 1801, I was nominated to be Chief Justice.

It fell to me and the Supreme Court, to set forth the main structrual lines of the government. Marbury VS. Madison was my first great case. Cases established for the Supreme Court for its power to state and expound constitutional law in disregard of federal statues that it found in conflict with the constitution. Commissions had been signed and the seal of the United States affixed in the office of secratary of state. The Supreme court thereby confirmed for itself its most controversial power, of finding and expounding the law of the constitution.

Many of my decisions dealing with specific restraints upon government have turned out to be his less-enduring ones, particularly in later eras of increasing governmental activity and control it is in this area, indeed, that judicial review has evoked its most vigorous critics.

Around 1807, I had more time to devote to private life, I was caring for my invalid wife, who bore me 10 chiildren 4 of them had died ealy in life. I enjoyed companionship, drinking, and debating with friends in Richmond. In general, most of my life has been one of contentment, knowing I did what I wanted to and did it well. My wife died on Christmas day in 1831.

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