Реферат: Sealions Essay Research Paper The Sea Lion

Sealions Essay, Research Paper

The Sea Lion is found in the West Coast of North

America and the Galapagos Islands. The name of the sea lion is the

California Sea Lion or the Zaluphus Californianus. The phylum is the

chordata mammalia.

The length of a sea lion is about twelve to about

fourteen pounds and is up to two feet long. The normal weight of the

female is about three hundred pounds, where the male is about eight

hundred pounds. The size of a male California Sea Lion is about 7.8

feet long and the females get up to be about 6 feet long.

250-365 days is its gestation period. The young stay

with their parents for two months. The sea lion is only able to have

one baby at a time. The life span of the animal is around eighteen-

twenty years. Some haved lived as long as twentyfive years. There

are 170,000 in the wild today.

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