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Too Much Experience Going Up The Creek Essay, Research Paper

To Much Experience Going Up The Creek

Media not only has an influence on today?s society but also more accurately, shows how teenagers may be handling every day situations through the news and TV programs. Story ideas come from a writer?s interests, responses, experiences, and knowledge (Douglas 20). The most popular TV show among teenagers today is Dawson?s Creek, whose characters are based on a young man?s life. Kevin Williamson, the screenwriter, developed the show using autobiographical material. Therefore, his subject matter shows what issues are facing society and how they are handled.

Every Wednesday night at 7:00pm millions of people ranging from the ages of young teens to early twenties sit down to watch the hour-long television show, Dawson?s Creek. This show is based on the every day trials and tribulations of four juniors in high school. From the start the main character, Dawson, had to deal with the many problems that teenagers are facing today. Such issues as his parents getting a divorce, drugs and alcohol, and sex. The three other characters, Pacey, Dawsons best guy friend, Joey Dawson ex-girlfriend, and Jen.

The TV drama?s last season had on every show something dealing with sex. All four of the main characters have encountered the subject in a variety of situations. In previous shows last season, Dawson was forced to deal with his mom?s messy affair, but now that saga has ended the obstacle for him is Eve?s constant influence to have sex. Joey has been pressured to have sex since the first season. Pacey and his girlfriend just broke up because she slept with another guy. Jen has earned the reputation of the experienced girl who gets around. Dawson?s Creek shows that society condones and accepts the way teens are handling the issue of sex by taking part in it and encouraging it.

In the beginning of this new season the purpose of the new character that is introduced, Eve, is to seduce Dawson. The word seduce is very strong, but incredibly accurate for describing her actions. She is a picture perfect character who supports the way teens are handling sex. Eve, who has become Dawson?s new fling, has turned sex into a sort of sport, which is what many guys are known for doing. Critics say,? Eve portrays that wild edge that we all possess within ourselves? (?What?s On TV?). That wild edge is what has caused over 1 million girls each year to get pregnant (?Beating the Stats?). Eve is very blunt and straightforward with what she wants from Dawson. Most girls who are not naive are confronted with the same attitude from guys. She comes right out and tells him the reason she wants to have sex with him is because of his eyes. She not only defines her reason, which is rather shallow, but also the reasons of most high school aged guys. Unfortunately many high school guys are keeping records that fall under categories from best looking to the most money. It is sad that the motives of guys have become increasingly superficial and are no longer centered around love. It is obvious that the roles are reversed and Eve is portraying the characteristics of most high school guys. The fact is that her specific character completely destroys the intimate side of a relationship, but reveals the harsh reality upon which many high school relationships are based.

Dawson reacts to Eve?s seduction in a way that most high school teens are expected to react nowadays; he submits willingly and the first thing he does is run out to buy condoms. The scene at the drugstore supports society?s experience and openness to the topic. The salesman at the store shows sex is a publicized activity, whereas it used to be personal and private. Dawson has a run in with three different people while he is deciding which condoms to buy. All three describe their different experience with different condoms. Don?t forget these are strangers describing to a 17-year-old boy how, ?the glow in the dark ones don?t work, but not to worry because there is a whole wall of options.? The conversation between Dawson and the four people in the store provides an example of not only society?s experience but also their support of sex. The means of protection has come a long way, which is definitely a good thing. The awareness of teens regarding the availability of protection is not the problem, although people make it out to be. Acting on the temptation is what causing both emotional and physical pain, especially when it is being supported and promoted on the most popular teen television drama.

What this show has not shown us this season is the life altering consequences. When Dawson is about to make the decision to go for it or not, Jen cheers him on. She does not ask who it is or tries to talk him out of it; instead she gives him the advice not to go too fast. A 17-year-old character on TV is describing how to have sex to millions of viewers ranging in age from 13-18. And society deems this as appropriate? The reason for that is because the popular culture of today?s society has influenced people not to worry about such things as sex, but rather other values deemed more important. People do still have morals, even though they are hard to see. The reason they are so hard to see is because they are not a popular topic to talk about. But why not? Morals shape who we are. Good values can make great story lines as well as those about sex, if not better.

It was mentioned earlier that Dawson?s Creek is the most popular show among teenagers. Who is to define what popular is? The answer is easy and obvious, the media. Media is the common ground by which everyone is reached. They report what they see, and it is apparent that what they see is society cheering on sex. Aside from reporting what they see their job is to be on the edge and take risks. According to almost all TV dramas and movies sex is a common thing audiences see and is the assumed issue to fall back on in all shows. People need to see something new, so why not redirect the story line in a direction no one is expecting. Little by little make sex the unpopular thing to do. Viewers will relate to it if it is presented in a way that is cool and trendy. If shows can manipulate people to do bad things it can also work in the same way for good things. It is time for the popular culture of society, starting with Dawson?s Creek, to start something new. The trend of morals and values, and to remind society of what is truly important in today?s world.


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