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Ozymandias C. Despair Essay, Research Paper

Ozymandias C.

Despair changed from the feeling that the greatness statue would inspire despair in others through fear but it did the opposite, the passers by feel despair for the statue in it wrecked stat, it is situational irony.

Hardness scale D.

These lines are a description of a specific event between woman and her husband or lover. The specific event is a symbol for the entire relationship between the man and the woman. The man goes off and is irresponsible in this situation and in life and get’s into trouble mostly because of drink, and then uses the woman to help him. He tries to smooth over his taking advantage of her by using words of praise but only tends to harden the woman emotions.


The allusion in the first line is that the person in the poem will eventually rise to judge and be judged in an almost biblical sense, of the ultimate judgement of life.

Last poem D.

This line tells of how wildmen cherish the sun for what it is but only learned how important it really is when it leaves. This symbolizes the choice of man throughout history, the idea is that people celebrate what they have but rarely totally understand the significance of what they have until its gone or leaving. This is a lesson for man to look at what they have understand it’s important and truly appreciate all we have.

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