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Good Vs. Evil In Harry Potter And The Sorcerer?S Stone Sorcerer?S Stone Essay, Research Paper

?Good vs. Evil?

In Harry Potter and the Sorcerer?s Stone by J.K. Rowling there are many cases of good vs. evil. Here there are the humans that have no magical powers. And there are the humans, which have magical powers. The humans with no magical powers are referred to as the muggles and the humans with magical powers are referred to as wizards and witches. The wizards live somewhere down in the earth, while the humans live on earth.

The muggles and the wizards do not like each other. To the muggles the wizards are evil while the muggles are good. The wizards are evil according to the muggles for the fact that they dress differently than the muggles do. And also wizards have magical powers, which makes them evil to the muggles. Because the muggles do not have magical powers and the wizards and witches do the muggles believe that they will be harmed. Another reason they are considered evil is because by knowing one and associating with them a muggle would be an outcast in the community, and no one wants that.

To the wizards and witches the muggles are evil while they are good. This may be because the muggles look at the wizards and witches as being evil and this may be a way of getting revenge. The wizards and witches find it very odd how the muggles go through the day without using any magic because magic makes the wizards and witches live much easier. They also believe that they are evil because when wizards and witches go on earth where the muggles live. The muggles stare at them like they are some type of freaks because they were robes. And the wizards and witches do not like this and believe that the muggles are evil.

Even though neither the muggles nor the wizards and witches are evil as a whole, both are thought to be evil by the other party. The muggles do not hurt the wizards and witches and the wizards and witches do not hurt the muggles unless necessary even though they have the power to do so.

To the Dursley?s, where Harry Potter is staying because his mom and dad died, Harry is evil. The Dursley?s never liked Harry?s parents because they were wizards and witches and had magical powers. When they died Mrs. Dursley was the only living relative Harry had and had to go and live there. To the Dursley?s Harry was evil because he was unwanted and because he would always cause things to happen without wanting to do them. The Dursley?s never liked what he did because they knew that what he would do were magic but Harry did not know that he had magical powers till later on. And the Dursley?s did not want Harry to do these because if another muggle had seen these things they would not associate themselves with the Dursley?s because they had a wizard living with them.

To Harry the Dursley?s were evil because they would spoil there son, Dudley, while Harry would only get pass me downs, that Harry did not like or Harry would not fit in them because Dudley was very fat. Harry hated the Dursley?s because he got a cupboard under the stairs while Dudley had two rooms. Harry was treated very unfairly and like he was a piece of dirt. He saw the Dursley?s as very evil people.

From where the wizards and witches are from there is a wizard that had gone bad. His name is Voldemort. He went around killing good wizards that would not go bad and be on his side. Up until he came to Harry Potter. He tried to kill Harry but didn?t succeed and he was striped from all of his powers and many people even thought he was dead. But one day Voldemort went to Professor Snape and asked him to help him come back. And the only way to do this is by having the Sorcerer?s Stone, which, is in the school that Snape teaches and also the school that Harry goes to. Snape tried to steal this stone for Voldemort but Harry was also there and had stopped Snape from taking the Sorcerer?s Stone. The wizards and witches are the good on this case and Voldemort is the evil. If Harry had not stopped Snape from taking the Sorcerer?s Stone Voldemort would have come back and gone on a killing spree for revenge. But Harry defeated the evil.

In Harry Potter and the Sorcerer?s Stone there are many cases of good and evil. In most cases it is very minor. But there will always be good and evil, there is no such thing as just good or just evil and this book is the perfect example of this.

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