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Judgement Essay, Research Paper

1. In this situation, the judge has many different options. These options include probation, placement in a group home, being sent to a juvenile detention center, restitution, being fined, or doing community service. Probation is when a judge sets conditions for a juvenile delinquent that cannot be violated and if they are the juveniles will be sent to a juvenile detention facility, until he is 18. Being placed in a group home means the juvenile will be removed from his home and put into a home where there are people he must answer to and obey, who work for the state. Being sent to a juvenile detention center is just like being sent to prison, only it s for juvenile criminals. Paying restitution is paying for damages caused to the victims or the victim s family, depending on the crime. Paying a fine, is something that is paid to the state. Paying restitution and paying a fine are often confused. Restitution goes to the victims or they re family, a fine goes to the government. Last is community service, this is when a juvenile works off his crime, in an amount of hours determined by a judge. Some of these punishments can be combined to create a suitable sentence.

2. In this case, a 15-year-old boy was found guilty of burglary. He has broken probation and is now considered a status offender. Probation has not seemed to work, due to the fact that he has committed another crime (breaking and entering). He now becomes a threat to the community so I would not choose community service. Placement in a group home would still leave him to be a threat to the community. His crimes have elevated so to stop him from committing further crimes I would send him to a juvenile correction facility until he is 18. I think this would be in the criminal s best interest. In the facility, there will be people to help control and reform him. When he turns 18 his case should be re-evaluated and sentencing will be determined from there. In addition to being sent to a juvenile facility, I think he should pay restitution to the victim. Robbery is a very serious crime, and in a juvenile center hopefully he will be reformed.

3 & 5. I believe there should be a different penalty for the same crime

depending on the age of the criminal. For example an 8-year-old should receive a different penalty then a 15-year-old should. Just as a 15 should receive a different penalty then a 25-year-old should. At 8, you really have no sense of judgement and u don t know the difference between right and wrong. At 15 you are still young and many things easily effect your judgement. Some of these things are peer pressure, trying to fit in, and seeing a Grey area between right and wrong. At 25 you are more experienced and know the difference between right and wrong, there should be a clear line in between the 2. Juveniles and adults should not receive the same punishments. When you are young you make stupid mistakes and learn from them. You have you entire life to live, and should be allowed some leniency. This leniency should only be given to some degree and not to status offenders.

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