Реферат: Religion Or Woman Right To Chose Essay

Religion Or Woman Right To Chose Essay, Research Paper

Marina Shubin

Religion or women right to chose

More than 200 diverse religious groups in the United States have different and mutually inconsistent views about abortion. But do religious views about abortion should interfere with our constitution and women rights.

The Roman Catholic Church declares abortion to be immoral. Other Roman Catholics want to explore and advocate tolerance towards abortion. Within the Jewish tradition there are two views. In the Orthodox Judaism, abortion considered killing a human being. Conservative Jewish have amore liberal approach to abortion. Even though abortion is a controversial subject among various religions. Thousands of women every year all over the world get an abortion. Regardless to their religious believes, woman find a lot of reasons to do it.

The strict Roman Church feels that abortion is the worst moral sine that can occur in women?s life. They believe that the fetus is a complete human being and killing it equals to a cold bloody murder.

The Episcopal Church declared their support for women?s rights over their own bodies. They gave their full improvement to a freedom of choice for person?s decision regarding pregnancy. At first the Episcopal Church felt about the pregnancy as the Roman Catholic Church. But over the years they changed there mind looking upon the difficulties that woman have to go trough regarding unwanted pregnancy.

In the Jewish tradition, there is a considerable agreement that the fetus is not a person before birth and that abortion therefore is a murder and may be permitted. Even so, different branches of Judaism view abortion differently, like the Orthodox who feels that the feels is a whole human being and if it is healthy there is no reason to kill it.

Given the dramatically contrasting religious views about whether and when abortion is permitted or required, puts our constitution between the rock and the hard place. People disagree intensely over the issue of abortion but does it puts our court under any obligation to protect religious liberty or the women?s right to chose.

The courts can?t over look that beyond the religious believes there is women?s right to chose what to do with their own bodies. Motherhood is one of many choices a woman can make, and this should be delayed until parents can best provide for a child both emotionally and financially.

There are a lot of different reasons that woman all over the world sick abortion as their last result.

Poor women understand that they are in no position to bring another human being in to this world considering that they can?t even provide for themselves. Raising a child in poverty would just increase the chances of him being on the other side of the railroad. There are women who learn that the baby inside of them is unhealthy and thus would suffer tremendously coming in this world. Women who went trough horrible experience of rape do not want to be reminded of the experience looking in the eyes of their child for the rest of their lives. All those examples show only one thing, woman should chose carefully before brining another human being into this world. We can clearly see that there are many reasons why abortion should be permitted by law in every state of the Unite States of America. No religion should stand in the way of an ordinary woman, regardless of her religious believes, to decide to bring or not to bring a child into this earth.

Abortion is a key issue for a long time between religious believes and women?s right to choose. The Supreme Court can?t find middle ground between the two. By allowing a free exercise of religion, government curbs on abortion are not the way to achieve that. And on the other hand governing by law women rights will compromise a free exercise of religious believes.

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