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My Traffic Accident Essay, Research Paper

My traffic accident. It was just an other rainy day. I was going to the mall with my brother to get some batteries for his toy cars. As I was walking out of the door my mother said Drive carefully son it s awfully slippery out their, in her kind and gentle voice.I ignored her like always but just replied, Yes mother I will! After buying some energizer batteries from the mall we headed back home. The rain had picked up. The traffic was heavy in the small residential streets as the main road was under construction. I was maneuvering my way around the packed roads until I arrived to a two-way stop sign intersection. There were long lines of cars trying to cross the street. I was cursing the cars in the front of me for taking such a long time crossing the small intersection. I waited for about five ten minutes for my turn to get the intersection. When I was finally at the intersection I realized the harsh reality. It seemed like that all the traffic from 401 was talking a detour through my neighborhood streets. I waited for a long time hoping some one in the passage of cars would be courteous enough to stop and let me cross. Then I remembered this was the new millennium the great old values were left in the last century. I tried many times to make daring moves but the flow of traffic never seemed to stop. Suddenly my luck changed an old lady was trying to cross the street in the same direction as I was. As she stepped in to the street suddenly the traffic stopped. I decided to make full use of this golden opportunity. I started to cross the street slowly. As I arrived near the center of the intersection I realized that the other side of the traffic was still moving. My old $500 Toyota didn t have the best brakes in the world. The car went a few inches in to the path of the traffic. Suddenly from my right side I saw a white van coming towards us like a raging bull set lose. The driver of the van thought that he was going to hit me so he slammed his brakes. The van slid right past me it did a 360o it then went over the sidewalk and almost ran over a couple of pedestrians. I was scared so I floored the car and crossed the street. I m not sure why but I decided to stop so I slammed my brakes and stopped a few meters after crossing the intersection. I wanted to make sure that no one got hurt. As I turned around to look I say chaos in the small street. Most of the cars were honking I figured their sign language was directed at me. Miraculously no one was injured and there was no damage to the cars. As scared as I was I made the decision to take off.

Since that day I have never crossed through that intersection, whenever I get near it that unfortunate day comes in front of my eyes as it was yesterday.

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