Реферат: Poem Alone In This World Essay Research

Poem: Alone In This World Essay, Research Paper

Alone in this world…. I am scared and sad

I have no where to go, where I am cared for

Alone in this world… I wonder alone

Through the dark and cold streets

I have no home to return to

NO Where do I belong

I long to have someone hold me and keep me safe from harm

I yearn to feel a gentle touch

Reach out and assure me that It’s all right

To be a friend and listen

To not judge or criticize

To not give me advice or cut me down

To not make me feel guilty

To not discourage me But to love me

For who I am and what I am

To accept me for me

And not want me to change

To make me feel better

To wipe away my tears

To look into my swollen eyes

To understand what I’m feeling and to make that feeling go away

To fill the long empty silences

No longer would I have to be alone

I want to fit in

I try so hard… but no matter how hard I try it doesn’t work

I move from place to place and act as I think others want me to act

I want to be a good person

But I need to be loved

I wonder if there is anyone who could ever love me for me

Who wouldn’t want me to change

Who would tell me that I’m a good person and that I deserve to be loved

To save me from drowning in this pool of depression and sorrow

To keep me away from self pity and heartache

I don’t know what’s wrong with me

What makes it so hard for anyone to love me

Do I push them away when I despretly try to cling to them

Or am I that terrifying that they run when they see me appear

Am I that stupid that I don’t know who I am

Or who I am suppose to be

I wish I could be in heaven with the one person I know loves me

He has to… because I pray

And he is suppose to love everyone no matter how filthy they are

Know matter how many people they’ve hurt

And no matter what’s wrong with them

But I know that I was put here for a purpose and that one day

God will use me

And maybe I will be able to help someone

Until then I will pray that someone will love me

Even if only for a minute

That they will really love me

Not because they want something

Or because they feel bad for me

But because they really do love me


And want me to be happy

And their proud of me

For who I am

Not who they think I am

But for the truly evil, dirty, weak, awful person I am

Not because I appear to be nice and good

But because they know me

And because they like the little girl that they know

But for know I will try to hold on

To keep my grip

To try to keep from slipping and losing my place

Cause I don’t want to start over

To pretend to be strong

While I’m crying inside

To act happy

When my soul withers away

And to be a “good person” and to live each day to the fullest

But I know everyday I am alone

Everyday that I sit in the quiet

That everyday apart of me dies……

Help me to survive!

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