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Book Report On Homecoming: Harmony Essay, Research Paper

Card, Orson Scott. Homecoming: Harmony. New York: Tor Books

publishing, 1992-1994. 819pp.

The story?s about a new world that they named Harmony expressing

their greatest hope. As refugees from a devastated Earth, they new

humanity would never survive another global war.

Convinced that the only way to prevent such terror was to see that

their descendants knew and used science, but never developed the

transportation systems and high-tech weaponry that would let them destroy

themselves, they built a master computer to be guardian of the human race.

The computer could send messages directly into their minds, and it could

block out dangerous thoughts that came into their minds. All of the humans

on the new planet worshipped the voice inside themselves which they called

the oversoul. After 40 million years the oversoul, master computer, it

started to break down and was loosing control to talk to the people and to

control angry thoughts. It need human help to go back to Earth and help it

by fixing the one on Earth. So now the story begins.

The story is really fascinating and I like it a lot and I give it two

thumbs way way up, a ten on a scale from one to ten on the sci-fi o-meter.

I have book number two and I hope it?s even better than the first one, I?m

reading it right now. So those who want to read it you should cause it?s the

best book I?ve read other than The Many Poems of Edgar Allen Poe, but

that?s a whole another story.

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