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Your Not Fat, Just Big Boned. Essay, Research Paper

Your Not Fat, Just Big Boned.

Many people have heard the terms your not fat, just big boned, well nurished, or perhaps husky. Well, as sombody of my generation might say “WHATEVER”. Face it America were fat. I am talking about fat, the spare tire syndrom, or however you would like phrase it, but were still fat. We are all looking for a good get thin quike sceam, you know the one that takes no effert, and possible enjoyable. Then, again I’m afraid to disapoint you, there is not, nor will there ever be, but perhaps it’s simpler than most realize. We Americans are fat for several different reasons and they have little or nothing to do with our diets or what we eat.

Our obeasity begins when were young. You might have had parents like mine, the parents who said “your not excused untill you eat everything on you plate”, or perhaps they commited a double phopa and said “no desert untill your plate is cleared”. What ever the case may be, many of us are fat because of it. These phrases become stuck in our heads, and from then on every time we sit down at the table weather it be a lot or a little we will uncontiously eat it untill our plate is clean, or we are physically full. A simple solution to a simple problem, and goes like, this put less on your plate. A few ways to atempt this are spread out your food on your plate, add few veggies and garnishes make it appear to be more than what it realy is. Another would be to drink a large glass of water before you begin to eat, and perhaps just eat slower.

The whole idea behind this concept is to fool the mind. Our mind tells us when we’re hungry not because our stomach is empty, but because it needs something or it thinks it does, and nine times out of ten being the later. The mind is like any machine in being that we can program and train it for any funtion, all pending knowing how. So in this first method we are simple reprogram it.

As we grow older other facters begin to play a roll, and the biggest is our social life. Our mind can not think of eating so easly if we have it on something else. In the teen years is when this becomes most evident. If you recall, the students that were involved in the majority of funtions were not the fat children. The fat children were not involved nearly as much, sure they were probably timid, and no doubt there were other factors involved, but it is all mental one way or another, and again it’s all amatter of programing.

Later on in life, we become contiously aware of our over weight problems, and this is great, but this is were the biggest problem begins. Not only does this problem affect our weight but our life span, and our life in general. The problem goes by the well known name of stress. I ask you to look at how many live well into their 80’s. then ask them if any of them weried about eating healthy. Not that eating healthy is bad mind you. The problem lies with the stress of eating healthy. When most break open that choclate bar they begin to enjoy a pleasure of life, but they’er soon thinking thatb they will regret it, because some where a long the line we began to assotiate pleasuer with the idea of gread, or that for some reason we do not deserve this pleasure, but I digress. The real tie between stress and food are the cemical reactions the cause in our minds. Choclate seams to be the devals treat for women. Women have such a problem with choclate, because it releases the same chemical in the brain that comes when they fall in love, and they basicly fall in love with chochlate. men tend to have the same effect with read meat.

Food is not the problem at all but in fact the reaction it has on our emotions. In any situation it all boils down to our minds. As the years go by it becomes more set in it’s ways, and yes you can teach an old dog new tricks it just becomes a little harder.

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