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Drugs Essay, Research Paper


Marijuana is widely available in the black market. It has a slew of names, the most popular being pot and grass. It is in actuality a weed and will grow anywhere. An example of this is in New York a special kind of pot grows there its called New York White. It gets its name from the white hue in its leaves. It grew in the sewers from all the pot seeds that people flushed down the toilet. The compost and stuff in the sewer along with its humid condition made it ideal to grow. And it grows without sunlight. This pot is strangely potent and highly prized. Hash is highly concentrated pot but has a shorter high.

LSD or acid is another strong drug. It is made from a variety of chemicals, some of which are poisonous. Despite common belief LSD does not cause insanity. It does cause a person to feel as if he is living the world for the first time, which can cause a person to act strangely but it will not drive them crazy.

Shrooms are just wild mushrooms. This I probably one of the stupidest ideas out there, you could get the same high by smoking toad skins. If you don?t know what you?re doing you could get poisoned or worse. People get high by either eating many buttons or making soup out of it.

You can actually get high of some very strange things. The peel of a banana can be smoked. If you drink enough couch syrup you will get a buzz. The ground up skins of peanuts will give you a short high. Raw nutmeg can be eaten and produce a smelly but strong high. Finally Hydrangea leaves, which produce a very strong high but can be poisonous.

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