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Shakespear In Love Essay, Research Paper


Shakespeare in love is a story of two lovers who are unable to be together

because Shakespeare is a player and they woman is a woman or royalty. The movie starts

with Shakespeare writing a comedy play for a man. But this play was soon to be changed

to a love story. Shakespeare was listening to people try out for the part in his play when

all of the people finish he thinks all is lost but, a young boy comes on the stage and recites

a line that catches Shakespeare s ear. The boy runs off and William follows. He follows

the young boy to a castle and goes in and see s a girl. He falls in love with her at first

sight. but the man who is to marry the young woman stops William and threatens to kill

him. The man asks for William s mane and he gives him the name of another playwriter.

the man kicks Shakespeare out of the castle where he goes to the window of viola where

he talks to her. Then the next day the young boy who William followed continued to

come to play rehearsal s. The play Shakespeare was working on was to become the

modern play of Romeo and Juliet. the rehearsal s go on while Shakespeare thinks the

young boy is the nephew of the nurse of viola but on a boat ride back to the castle

Shakespeare finds out that the young boy is but the viola who he has fell in love with.

Shakespeare follows her and this is where he sleeps with her. Then for the rest of the

rehearsal s the two are both knowing that they are in love. But, viola is to be married to a

rich man who has permission of the queen to marry her. Viola is heart broken but, she

goes on with the play. The two make the play Romeo and Juliet from their own love

experiences together. But the man who is to marry viola finds out that Shakespeare is

sleeping with viola and is enraged. But, the players have found out that the stage has been

shut down by the rebels due to the fact that a woman was in their play. But another man

offers to the players that they can use his stage to put on the play. The man to marry viola

has made a wager with the queen in that she states that no play can tell the story of true

love. Viola finds out that the play will be held and she leaves her husband. She goes to

the play and takes the part of Juliet because the boy who was going to play the part has hit

puberty and can t get his voice high anymore. Shakespeare hears Viola s voice on the

stage and looks at her. The two play the perfect roles in the play with Shakespeare as

Romeo and viola as Juliet. When the play is at end the rebel leader rushes in and try s to

arrest them but to his surprise the queen has been there watching the play. She takes over

congradulating the players. But still viola is to be wed to the man and William must part

with his true love. The two say goodbye and then they speak of a play for the queen

which will be called The Twelfth Night. but basically the story is of how Shakespeare s

play s came to be. They were thought to be by this director as things that happened in

Shakespeare s life.

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