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Cutting The City Essay, Research Paper

New York City is overpopulated, and the population needs to be cut in half. The first system proposed is called Operation Actually Thought About. Some of the most important fields of employment will receive a break in this plan. Teachers, doctors, lawyers, and politicians will only have their numbers cut by one-third. One-third may not seem like much of a break, but half of the population has to be cut. Citizens in the immediate families of these important employees will also be allowed to stay in New York City. Besides the more important fields of employment previously mentioned, every other field of employment must eliminate half of their staff. Keeping some of the older employees from each field for experience, and keeping some of the younger employees from each field for the future will be put into perspective. Mostly middle-aged employees will have to leave the city.Half of all college students will also be cut from the city. All convicts and citizens with outstanding criminal records must leave the city with their immediate families. Extra money will be put into cracking down on illegal immigrants to help reduce crowding in the city. New York City is known for it?s many cultures. To keep the city rich in culture, the plan will base some of it?s decisions on citizen?s races and cultures. For example, if there is a field of employment dominated by one race, employees from this dominant race will be cut before employees of other races in the field are cut.


The second system proposed is called Operation Easy Way Out. The plan is very simple. Cut the city?s population into two. The first half will be households on the wealthier half of the population, and the second half will be households on the poorer half of the population. This plan may sound good in theory, but in New York City it would backfire. The citizens who run the big companies would be in the city to keep making the profits for the city, but there would be nobody in the city to keep the smaller businesses running. Most of the small clothing stores, restaurants, and tourist shops would be closed down. Public transportation and security would have almost no employees left. All the small details that make New York City would be cut out. Operation Actually Thought About brings the small details into account. Operation Actually Thought About keeps a steady balance in New York City.

There is a conflict in Operation Actually Thought About. Citizens of the more important fields of employment may have criminals in their immediate family. In this case, the important employee will be allowed to stay, but the criminal must leave. If the important employee decides to leave to be with his or her family, the next employee on the list is allowed to stay. Other problems may occur unexpected during the process of cutting the population in half. To solve these problems easier, Operation Actually Thought About may have amendments added to it. If a conflict occurs, and there is an easy solution, the plan can simply be amended.

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