Реферат: Great Depression On Unemployment Essay Research Paper

Great Depression On Unemployment Essay, Research Paper

Great Depression on Unemployment

The unemployment in the Depression was very scary. The Depression started with the market crash of 1929. There were mostly men lost their jobs across Canada. Many of the men who had families needed money. If the men didn쥁 have any money, they couldn쥁 feed their families. Many of the unemployed had to look for jobs and some turned the men down. Sometimes the restaurants would give free meals to men who were hungry.

The federal system of Canada was shaken by the Octover, 1929 market crash. This marked the depression for Canada. In the 1930쥀 many of the men who were back east and on the prairies came to Vancouver. They were looking for jobs and there wasn쥁 enough jobs for them. Then one day there was a man named Robert Brodie. He started or had gone with the Communist party and they weren쥁 really Communists. There he wanted the men to fight what they believed. For example of having jobs. When the men heard the relief program for jobs, they heard the government would give them.

1930쥀: Many of the men who worked on these jobs didn쥁 have good wages. The rate of pay was at least 20 cents a day. When the men worked for a longtime in these jobs, they hated it. Then they knew the government cheated on them.

Many men argued and were frustrated. Then they would take this fight and riot downtown Vancouver. Some of the men worried if the children had a good education and their families. Because sometimes they would be starving and it was harder to get food for the families. If you were young and unskilled, it is hard to find some jobs. Then if you work in a typical government job, you were safe. After all, the depression hit for jobs where many were unemployed. Then on that day, some cities across Canada were actually protesting or rioting. The only thing they wanted was good wages and jobs. After years gone by only a World War II would give jobs. Then after the war, it would boom Canada쥀 economy.

When I hear about unemployment in Canada, it is hard for people who loses jobs. After learning the depression in unemployment, we must learn that it would never happen to us. Then we should make sure that the economy in Canada should boom and someday we should create more jobs. If it helps us, and unemployment wouldn쥁 be a factor.

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