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Trenton Battle Essay, Research Paper

THE BATTLE OF TRENTON_________________________________________________ The Battle of Trenton was fought last night December 26,1776. As we all know before this battle, The Continental Army wasbeing badly beaten by the British forces. They were in need ofeverything from food to new uniforms and weapons. Most of thesoldiers felt that they were fighting in vain. Then General GeorgeWashington thought of a clever plan. He and the Continental Armywould cross the Delaware River from the Pennsylvania side intoNew Jersey and take the enemy by surprise. Hessian soldiers, whowas lead by Corporal Rall, were Germans hired by the British Army

to help them fight the colonists. The Hessians camped in Trenton.General Washington figured that the Hessians would be celebratingChristmas at the camp, and would not be expecting an attack.Another great thing that made this a great plan was the weather wasterrible. This was a severe winter and much of the Delaware Riverwas frozen. The Hessians never even thought about Washingtonwould try to cross the river in this weather. But, they did, and theytook the unarmed Hessians by surprise. The Continental Army wonthis battle and it was a great victory for the colonists. It gave theContinental Army the new hopethey needed to continue the war.

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