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Are We Losing Our Freedom Essay, Research Paper

?Are We Losing Our Freedom?

Many people today feel that living in America has more privileges than living anywhere else. But do we have enough freedom here in the United States? Many people can argue on their outlook on freedom. I personally feel that we are given many opportunities then other people in the world. But there are people who would beg to differ. An example would be a non-smoking restaurant. A smoker would feel that they are taking away their freedom to smoke. But a non-smoker would feel that they have freedom by not being surrounded by smokers.

Losing our freedom can be taken into consideration in so many different ways. We are still able to have rights as Americans. But why do others feel that this important right is being taken away from us. Is it because they feel they are not getting what they want or believe what they should get? To have freedom, we must earn and deserve it. It is a big responsibility on Americans shoulders to abide by theses rules.

I think that many people should look at all the freedom and privileges we have, and be thankful that we live in such a uniform environment. Look at the people in the world who are unable to speak what they feel or pretty much do whatever they want. More people in this world need to start looking at the good and not so much the bad that surrounds us. Many people try to find things to complain about to get others riled up.

I feel that we are very lucky to have all the rights and privileges we have. I can see where people are getting at about not having enough freedom on their hands. But maybe these people should find more ways of trying to gain more freedom or privileges to their advantages. Instead of just complaining about the problem, try to fix and do something about it.

We should all just start to be more thankful for what we have. We should start looking at the positive instead of the negative. I understand where people are getting at, but we all can fix the problem if we just try to work hard to find a solution. We should all be thankful that we live in a well brought up country. The freedom we were given is something that we earned and should never be taken away from us.

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