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Marajuana: Effects And After Effects Essay, Research Paper

Marajuana: Effects and After Effects

One of the most common illegal drug in the United States is marijuana.

There are mixed views about this drug, some people want it legalized, other

people don’t. In this essay, I hope to display the facts about this illegal

narcotic, and explain many vie

Marijuana has many different names such as “kif” in Morocco, “doggo” in

South Africa and “gangi” in India. There are many slang terms for this type of

drug such as “grass,” “pot,” “weed,” “reefer,” “mj,” “boo,” “broccoli,” “ace”,

“joint,” “Colombian”

Tetrahydrocnnabinal(THC) was not found until the mid 1960’s. Marijuana

can be used medically or for an intoxicant. Doctors prescribe it to relieve pain

for people in chemotherapy, or with other diseases.

During the 1960’s and 1970’s mainly teenagers used marijuana. In the

1970’s 11% said they used it daily, but recently, only about 5% use it daily. In

1975, 27% of people said they used it that previous month, and in 1978, that

figure grew to 39%, but dr

Rapid, loud talking and bursts of laughter are in the early stages of

intoxication and sleepy or stuporous is in the later stages. Forgetfulness in

conversation, inflammation in the whites of the eyes and the pupils unlikely to

be dilated are in the la

It is still undetermined whether light doses of marijuana has long term

effect. Some short term effects are; it causes a higher heart rate, reddened

eyes, clumsiness, and blunt reflexes.

The physical effects of marijuana use, particularly on developing

adolescents, can be acute. The emotional development of adolescent users may be

interrupted. Scientists feel heavy doses during adolescent damages emotional and

intellectual development a ne system. Marijuana use has an adverse effect on the

social relationships of the user due to severe mood swings and a lack of

interest. Marijuana use also causes a motivational syndrome. This means that the

user will lose interest in activities and lose

Researchers believe that marijuana blocks the messages going to your

brain and alters your perceptions and emotions, vision, hearing, and

coordination. A recent study of 1,023 trauma patients admitted to a shock trauma

unit found that one-third had marij proven to have adverse effects on the female

reproductive system. Marijuana and aging affect the brain in very similar ways.

This places the long-time user in high risk for serious and premature memory

disorders. Marijuana and aging affect the brain in ve

If marijuana use is abruptly stopped, certain withdrawal symptoms will

be experienced: nausea, insomnia, irritability, and/or anxiety.

The 1993 National Household Survey on Drug Abuse reports that: 33.7% of

those surveyed admitted to having tried marijuana at some point in their

lifetime, 9% admitted to having used marijuana during the past year, 4.3% used

the drug in the past month, an

I have displayed the different effects and statistics about this drug,

and what its used for. Many people think it should be legalized, many people

don’t. We all have our different views, and insights about this topic, and I

hope someday, we will agree

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