Реферат: Smoking In Public Places Essay Research Paper

Smoking In Public Places Essay, Research Paper

Should it be legal to smoke around others in public places where there are non-smokers? Smoker’s today think that they can just light up wherever they feel. Non-smokers feel that smoking should be band from all public places. This problem between smokers and non-smokers is an ongoing battle that seems to have no solution. Can’t smokers see that they are just harming themselves and the ones around them?

Smokers often think they can’t live without that cigarette, but in reality they can’t live if they do smoke. Who gave them the right to sign my death warrant by smoking in public places and ruining the air I breathe. I can’t stand it when I go somewhere to eat and all I can smell is smoke from cigarettes. Nothing bothers me more then when I’m stopped at a stop sign behind a smoker and all I can smell is the cigarette smoke coming into the car. This is not fair to the person that is a non-smoker. This is why smokers shouldn’t be able to smoke around non-smokers.

We all know, smokers and non-smokers alike, that cigarettes cause all types of ailments: Cancer, Asthma, and Emphysema. Doctors are making new discoveries everyday on the harms of smoking. Cancer being raked among one of highest side affects of smoking, but yet people continue to smoke cigarettes. I don’t understand why people would continue to smoke knowing the consequences of smoking. On the other hand smokers feel that they need cigarettes to make it through the day.

I’m glad that smoking cigarettes hasn’t taken a hold of my life. I see what pain my father-in-law goes through on a daily basis just to stay alive this being the result of smoking for many years. I would think anyone who continues to smoke is asking for a quick ticket to death. Knowing all what we know about smoking today you would have to be a fool to continue to smoke.

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