Реферат: Failure Is Often A Better Teac Essay

Failure Is Often A Better Teac Essay, Research Paper

Failure is often a Better Teacher than Success

When I was packing the stuff up for the concert that night, I realized that our band wasn t ready for what was to come. We hadn t practiced at all for that whole month in preparation for the concert. We didn t even talk to each other, we had no idea what songs to play. This was going to be the night of my life.

I play the bass in the band, there is one other guitar player, a drummer, and a singer. We have a pretty good group, except for the last month, we ve all been just too busy to practice. We ve played gigs in the past but we were prepared for all of them. This time we re not prepared.

Now that we re on our way, I am starting to get scared. I just realized that we re going to be in front of 20,000 people and we re going to messing up. As we past the sign that says 2 miles to the stadium I start to get a little nervous. I thought to myself, I should just skip the concert, but then there would be a lot of mad people wanting to see the concert. So I said I have to do it.

Oh no! We have just arrived at the stadium; there is thousands of people waiting to get in the stadium, all of them chanting our name. As were carrying our equipment into the arena people are running up to us and asking for our autographs. Now I am really nervous.

Five minutes before the show begins were getting ready to go out. The fans are really wound up and screaming loud. As I peeked out from behind the stage I have never

saw so many people in my life. This was one of the bigger stadiums that we have played in.

It s show time. We went out on the stage and everybody was screaming. We played one song that we knew; it was an old song that we played before at our other concerts. In since it was a song that we knew we all played it perfect.

But now we have to start playing the songs that are new to us and we haven t practiced much. We were horrible; we have never played so horrible in our lives. After that concert we were prepared for every other concert that we had. I guess failure is often a better teacher than success.

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