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Good Quality Music Essay, Research Paper

Good quality music

What is good quality music? The answer to this question would have to come from asking an individual rather than looking it up in a Webster’s dictionary. Various factors influence this decision such s sex, age, race or background. One would argue if quality music is objective or subjunctive. Popularity or the intellectual level of a piece of music often ponders people perception about music quality.

Alan Jackson is a country music super star who in which over the years of his musical career has had many platinum musical hits. In his album titled “Under the Influence” Alan Jackson sings a song by the name of “it must be love.” When its first daybue it climbed up the charts fairly fast, critiques would say that it is a good piece of music. The song happens to be my favorite Alan Jackson song, but not because it climbed the charts but because it has a nice melody and the message is very clear. I would consider it a piece of music well interpreted because the original version did not have the same affect on me as Alan’s version. The songs lyrics are uplifting and motivating. The song uses personification to express how love makes Alan “fall like a sparrow and fly like a dove.” I believe the examples are chosen well for the message, expressing the positive effects that love can bring to ones self esteem. For example, according to Alan Jackson, “First I get cold and hot think I’m on fire I’m not oh what a thing I got it must be love.” These examples accompanied with the animal personification are good examples of how love can make a person feel. In theory love probably does not make a person change temperature, but the message that is getting across is that love can move change a person the way nothing else can.

The melody stays for the most part the same; no dramatic changes are done to melody that would disgust the listener at any given point. The instruments they used for the piece of music are instruments that one would usually hear in country western music. Obviously this might not be a piece of good quality music to everyone, but if you a normal listener to country western music one should not have a problem accepting this song. As far as age I would say that this would be better taken if it were listened by a mature audience, not that it has explicit lyrics but for the most part someone that has been in love can probably correlate and compare feelings. Some people find this peice of music amusing because on the chorus, Alan slows down a bit and to the beat of the drums you can sing along for a while before he jumps right on track. This probably would not be a good piece of music to someone from Spanish or oriental decent, for the reason that you can not enjoy something you do not understand. I for the most part enjoy this piece of music very much, I recommend it and if you ever get a chance listen to this piece and you might be surprised!

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