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Analysis Of Opposition Essay Essay, Research Paper

Analysis of Opposition Essay

In the first paragraph of Congressman Bernard Sanders persuasive essay on genetically modified organisms uses shocking statistics to convince the reader the issue of genetic engineering effects everyone. He points out that genetically engineered organisms are already on the table, and the usage of GMO s (genetically modified organisms) is on the rise. The intro paragraph has an emphasis on convincing the reader that they should be concerned about the information that they are about to read because GMO s are already in the products they use and in the foods they eat.

Paragraph two is devoted to illustrating examples of what genetically modified organisms are already being used for and are already capable of doing. In a way he almost validates the pro-biotechnological standpoint in the first two paragraphs in that he shows uses of biotechnology and uses of the new science.

The paper takes a dramatic shift in paragraph three and four when the tone of the paper changes and becomes more precautionary. He mentions an explosion of new technology that we need to perform more research on to determine long term implications. His reasoning for showing percentages and uses for biotechnology in paragraphs one and two are to illustrate this unbridled explosion without in-depth research. This tactic works in that it makes the reader inquire more as to why we should be so scared of this technology.

Paragraph four and five have an emphasis on showing that politicians have been slow to respond to the issues. Bernard states that it is the job of government agencies to protect public health as well as the environment, he believes that biotechnology is a threat to both. He illustrates the point by showing that quite incredibly companies that produce GMO s are not required to do sufficient long term testing on their products. He points out that the government recognizes GMO s as equivalent to naturally occurring products when they are not. The usage of a fear factor is one of the most effective tools in this essay. He continuously unfolds shocking facts to the reader to deter them from supporting a pro-biotechnological standpoint.

Paragraph six has an emphasis on specific illustrations of biotechnological experiments that have failed and caused problems for society. The example of the genetically engineered soybean shows that once again reaffirms that GMO s are bought unknowingly and can present problems such as allergic reactions. The example of the butterfly and the salmon can have many adverse effects on the environment. Mr. Sanders presents another example of this by mentioning that a specific type of corn that is currently twenty percent of all corn grown could possibly be damaging soil. Once again the fear factor is used to alter reader s views on the issue.

Paragraph seven shows that some measures are being taken by government to restrict usage of genetically altered organisms, but more are needed. He uses examples of recent restrictions created by the environmental protection agency as well as USDA. In the final sentence o paragraph seven he clearly reaffirms that he is in support of more legislation that will allow congress to restrict usage of GMO s.

In the concluding paragraphs eight and nine his beliefs are spelled out to there reader to review what he is in support of. It is no accident that the final two paragraphs are very specific; this tactic makes the reader more clearly understand the author s objective of writing his essay. These last two reaffirm that he is strongly in support of strict labeling laws, as well as legislation to slow down the advances in biotechnology to allow more investigation of the long-term effects of this science.

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