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How Did Modern Communism Fail? Essay, Research Paper

Marquita Blanding September 19, 2000

Social Science Essay

Why did modern communism fail? Is it because it did not fulfill its promises? Well, what exactly was it promising? In this essay, the reasons will be presented. Then we can decipher why communism did fall.

Karl Marx came up with the theory known as communism. He viewed his theories and beliefs to be very promising for the working class people of the world. He had five basic theories. One, that throughout history, the workers have been exploited by the owners. Two, that the value of a product or service is determined by the materials and labor needed to produce it. Three, that to end the exploitation brought on by the owners, the call for a revolution would be the answer to overthrowing the capitalist system. Four, that the communist state would be run by the workers and the Communist party officials would occupy the government positions. Finally, that any religions would be halted so there would be complete dedication to the Communist party. However, what was promised to the people of the world if they went along with the communist theory?

Marx’s beliefs were later modified by Lenin (real name: Vladimir I. Ulyanov). He was responsible for bringing communism to Russia in 1917. Basically, they figured that their theories would bring very good promising things to the working class people of the country Russia and hopefully the world. They promised that the state would reach a “classless state.” Which means that private ownership of property would be limited to personal possessions. They also believed that the means of production should be publicly own. However, they stated that individual freedom would have to be denied in order to replace the old social classes with a society dedicated to communism. Well, if it promised all these things then why did it fall?

There are countries that have been crippled because of a communist government, for example, China and Russia. There are many reasons why these two specific countries have fallen. Their constitutions have little to know meaning. The government owns the means of production and makes all the economic decisions. The people of their countries have limited rights and all the citizens are subject to Communist party control. Also individuals exist to serve the state. Because of all these downfalls, the countries have been borrowing capitalistic methods in order to improve their countries’ economic state.

In conclusion, these are the reasons why modern communism failed and could not fulfill its promises. This essay clearly deciphers why communism does not work, and that nothing good or prosperous could come about communism.

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