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Movie ?The Browning Version? Essay, Research Paper

In the movie “The Browning Version,” a theme I saw running through the movie was how Andrew Crocker-Harris’s life was a dull and boring one, and almost everyone hated him, his wife included. This is shown in many places in the movie. The first place I noticed this was in the beginning of the movie when the boy tries to sneak in to the church. The boy seems to make it in there fine past the watchful eye of The Crock. Then later on in class during roll call, the boy is marked absent by The Crock. The next time I saw a representation of Mr. Crocker-Harris being dull and hated is when he makes a joke in Latin and nobody gets it. The only person who laughed was a studious boy by the name of Taplow. After he laughs at the teacher’s joke, Taplow is called up front and humiliated by The Crock when he asks him to explain the joke to the class, and he cannot. Taplow was just trying to be polite, and the teacher did not seem to care. Next there is a scene where Taplow makes fun of The Crock in front of his wife. Mr. Crocker-Harris shows also he has lost the respect of not only his students, but also his wife. It turns out that she has been having an affair behind his back with a man by the name of Frank Hunter. That tells me that Mr. Crocker is pretty disliked and boring, if he cannot even keep his wife happy. Another thing that tells how boring his life is for fun The Crock watches cricket, and writes poetry for enjoyment.

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