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Current Affairs Essay, Research Paper

Current Affairs PresentationProducers of television current affairs programs manipulate the audience s comprehension of an event and the people concerned in it. The techniques in current affairs often form a bias interpretation of events and therefore forms prejudice towards certain groups. Techniques used which manipulate and create bias are interviews, editor gate-keeping, speaking head or narrator, visuals and music. I will be using a segment from Today Tonight to prove these points.Interviewing can manipulate audiences understanding of an event and the people concerned within it. A slant in interviewing can quickly and greatly influence viewer s reactions and comprehension to an event. For example a segment of Today Tonight was concerning the interestingness of Perth. The showed bias in interviewing. In support that Perth was boring was Peter Grant (Director of the outrage festival) and Carrie Maculken (The Pride President). In opposition of this opinion was only one representative of Perth Peter Natress (Lord Mayor). This obvious slant in interviewing gives the interviewee more arguments for the ground that Perth is boring. The two interviewees together got more than twice the coverage of the Lord Mayor, Peter Natress. Another bias slant was the fact that both Mr Grant and Miss Maculken both shared their opinion before Mr Natress in support of Perth even had his say. Most viewer s would have already have been persuaded before Mr Natress was even introduced nearly halfway through the segment. Thus the viewers understanding was manipulated by the sheer coverage and placement of the interviews on a particular side, which the producer choses to show. Editor gate-keeping manipulates the audience comprehension of an event and the people concerned. What the editor chooses to show and not to show can make all the difference in the viewer s reaction and understanding of the event. For example both Mr Grant and Miss Maculken had their views on Perth emphasised when they where introduced to the camera. Mr Grant stated Its boring and Miss Mackulken stated It empty it s boring referring to Northbridge, Perth. This introduction quickly defines were each stand on the issue and enforces the view that Perth is boring. The fact that Mr Netress was not introduced until much later manipulates the viewer into believing that his opinion is not as important. Thus the producer manipulated the comprehension of the event and the people concernedThe narrator of this current affairs program manipulates the audience s comprehension of the event and the people concerned. What the narrator says and does can create different reactions in its audience. For example the narrator only read quotes from the Perth is boring point of view the decision confirms our city is loosing its soul referring to the official torch ceremony being held at the Burswood and not in the city. Even though it was explained later why it was at the Burwood (because they are the chief sponsor) people will be manipulated in making up their mind before more facts have been revealed. Another statement to back this is I quote As far from exciting as you can get boring. Even though this is a quote she is stating the fact it comes from her validates it in the mind of the viewer that this true. Thus the producers manipulate the comprehension of the events.

The visual and music manipulate the audience s comprehension of an event and the people concerned. Visuals and music often work in tandem to produce a particular affect, which can manipulate its audience. For example on several occasions a dull inactive melody was played while visual long shots of empty streets, cafes and coastal areas were shown. The effect of this manipulates the viewer to agree with the view, Perth is boring. The reality in actual fact maybe that the images where taken at Mid-day, on a weekday, when traffic was at its least.The visual in Northbridge was taken on a Wednesday night, which also shows injustice to the true atmosphere of Northbridge. Wednesday night is renowned for begin quite when people stay at home. When it was said, where are all the families it shows an unequitable view, as most families would stay at home with their children, who have school the next day. Thus the visuals and music work in tandem to manipulate its audiences comprehension of events.This presentation has proved to you that an episode of current affairs can manipulate its audience s comprehension of an event and the people concerned. The common techniques of interviews, editor gate-keeping narrator s comments, visuals and music are used to manipulate the viewer. Further analysis could have involved body language to emphases that current affairs manipulate its audience s comprehension of events.So when you watch current affairs be aware of how its producers are manipulating your comprehension of the event and the people concerned.Thankyou for your time, Miss Mann, Ladies and Gentlemen

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