Реферат: Long Journeys Begin With Baby Steps Essay

Long Journeys Begin With Baby Steps Essay, Research Paper

The 25th anniversary of the Supreme Court decision that created a “constitutional

right” to abortion is January 22, 1998.Even though abortions have been performed for

many years, this controversial issue is still being debated among numerous people. The

rivalry between pro-choice and pro-life advocates has caused a great dilemma in the

United States. Many Americans have protested Bill Clinton because in 1993, he issued a

series of executive orders and veto threats which overturned a number of pro-life

policies. However, while these tremendous debates go on numerous innocent lives are

being lost at the hands of abortion.

Abortion is any procedure for terminating a pregnancy. In the case Roe vs. Wade

the court allowed states to restrict abortions to the third trimester, except where it is

necessary for the preservation of life or health of the mother. However, in Doe vs.

Bolton the companion case to Roe vs. Wade the court defined “health” to include all

factors relevant to the well-being of the patient. Because of this broad definition of

“health” the court permits abortions right up until birth for almost any reason. This is

wrong because by week 12 of the pregnancy all body organs of the fetus are functioning.

If the heart is pumping blood throughout the body, the baby is alive. I feel that killing

any living organism is murder.

There are various abortion techniques, but the most common is suction-aspiration.

The abortionist inserts a hollow plastic tube into the dialated uterus. This tube is

attached to a suction machine, and when the machine is turned on the uterus is emptied

by suction. The suction tears the baby’s body as it is being pulled through the hose.

Because the procedure is so intense it causes great emotional and physical pain for the


There are numerous physical risks of abortion. During the procedure the patient

can experience intense pain, damage to other organs, or in severe cases death. But,

physical risks continue after the clinic closes. Some have excessive bleeding and

infection that can cause shock. Others may even have parts of the baby left inside.

These risks continue on for years. The woman may have problems getting pregnant

again and if she does there is a higher risk for tubal pregnancies, miscarriage, and

premature births. However, for the majority of abortion patients the physical wound

heals, but an emotional scar remains.

Beyond the physical pain, the hard reality still exists that women suffer mental

and emotional anguish from abortion. Almost every woman – whatever her age,

background, or sexuality- has trauma at destroying a pregnancy. This is part of a

woman’s own life. If she destroys a pregnancy, she is destroying a part of herself. Many

realize that they cannot deny that something was physically being created inside them.

This realization and regret among numerous women causes problems in the deepest level

of her consciousness. They then feel that their reason for the abortion was not that


Reasons for abortion may vary from pregnancy as a result of rape to a form of

birth control. Some promiscuous women do not worry about birth control because they

know that if they get pregnant abortion is easily available. If such an alternative was not

offered it would force more women to use some form of birth control. However, victims

of rape do not have the option of birth control, therefore are often encouraged to have an

abortion. Rape is a very emotional topic, and people often feel that abortion is

acceptable in these cases. However, the children conceived through sexual assault also

have a voice which needs to be heard. Every life regardless of how it was formed has

value and a purpose. It does not matter how a child begins, but who it will become.

Pro-choice supporters, however, have different opinions.

The main argument of pro-choice people is the woman’s right to choose. But,

how can anyone have the right to choose to kill another individual? The only real choice

in abortion is between a live baby and a dead baby. Many also believe that if legal

abortions are banned, women will resort to back ally abortions. In 1972, the year before

the supreme court legalized abortion, a total of thirty-nine women died from illegal

abortions. However, the number of maternal casualties happening nationwide is in the

high hundreds. This number does not include the numerous babies losing their lives.

Congress should do more to save the millions of babies aborted each year. The

struggle to end abortion resembles the struggle to end slavery. The battle against slavery

was brutal, and continued decades after the 13th, 14th, and 15th Ammendments became

a part of our Constitution. The battle facing the pro-life movement began long before the

1973 Roe vs. Wade decision and it may continue for years, but we show some signs of

progress after years of sorrow. And as you can see, I feel that the beginning of life is

conception. Therefore, abortion during any part of the pregnancy is the murder of a

child, and every child should have a chance at life. If it is denied this chance we will

never know the joy and potential that these lost children may have provided the world.

Therefore, we must continue to work to change the hearts and minds of the public as well

as those of the women in crisis pregnancies. Because if a fetus were not alive why would

it grow? After all, long journeys begin with baby steps.

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