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Future City Essay, Research Paper

The purpose of this report is to inform the governmental board of the last three entries into Future City. As Commissioner of Personal Selection, I have chosen my three candidates to fill each position. My decision did not come easily. On several occasions I was torn between two choices, but after laboring over each pro and con of each applicant, I have finally made my decision. Each of the three chosen applicants possess outstanding qualities in the medical, ecological, and humanitarian fields that will help the community to blossom in this unseemly time. Future city can only operate if the assigned individuals perform there duties to the to the best of there ability. Although Future City has basic requirements such as clean air, water, and food if the people of this city do not perform their tasks at 110%, then our chances of survival are already out of reach. I will also describe and explain my seven rejections, why I made them, and why the three applicants I have chosen are the best chooses. I have chosen the best candidates for the job and I know they will give us all that fighting chance we deserve. They will rise above the common person to ensure that will all have a chance to eat, breath, be loved, and above all, survive.

My first choice was Mary Jane Albert, an expert in the field of air and water recycling systems. Nothing is more vital than air and water that is why I feel she will be of great importance to the success of the city. Ms. Albert has a good sense of humor and ability to interact with others, which is important in this given situation. She is a fine teacher in her field and can easily educate others. Ms. Albert’s thorough knowledge of her field will allow her to continue and progress in her studies and experiments to hopefully develop more efficient and reliable recycling systems. Ms. Albert has only one down fall; if in the future she has children, they may have medical complications. Future City will face several problems along the way that will all be dealt with in due time. Ms. Albert is a fine person and an excellent technician in her field; she will definitely aid the city in the fight for survival.

My second choice was Shahid Zia Sirkan, who holds a Ph.D. in Ecological studies. Other Ecologists have been admitted into the city, but he possesses critical knowledge of Ecological Reconstruction that will be vital if ever allowed to leave the bubble. In such a disease plagued world, ecologists are vital. Their thorough knowledge of the relationship between organisms and their environments has made them a prized asset to the community. Mr. Sirkan is extremely devoted to his research and will make improvements in his field in leaps and bounds. He will devote the majority of the time on his research, leaving the other ecologists to handle what problems arise inside, so he can work on the Reconstruction of the other world. Mr. Sirkan is deeply religious, but often uncommunicative. I understand that he is not the most social individual, but he still strives for the same thing, survival.

My last choice was Victoria Tennyson, an expert in food production and nutrition. Ms. Tennyson has special knowledge in plant diseases and rationing, both vital areas lacking in Future City. Plants are the basis of all living things; they supply nourishment, clean air, and shelter. Plants will quickly become the lifelines of Future City if conditions outside the bubble do not improve. Ms. Tennyson’s knowledge of plant disease will insure that no single plant disease will destroy all of the vegetation. She will spend allowed time experimenting and researching in plant development, and she will work on a strict dietary regimen for all the citizens. Ms. Tennyson’s vital knowledge of food development and plant disease, both lacking from Future City, has made her a vital asset to the community. She has several flaws that will be immediately dealt with; she is nervous, excitable, easily tired, and rather undisciplined sexually. Her nervousness will cease when she knows that we are all in this together; she will never be singled out or picked on. Her excitement will be calmed as she gets endowed into her work; most of her energy will be focused on improvements of the city. She will be assigned a strict bedtime insuring she no longer tires easily, and fellow associates insuring that she maintains a closed leg position will closely monitor her. Ms. Tennyson will make a fine citizen and a great addition to the team of experts that will lead us into the next century. I will take personal responsibility to diminish each and every flaw that my selections have acquired.

My rejections were not made easily, all the applicants were overqualified in their field, but in a situation as this we must concentrate on the vital aspects of life. As I scanned over all the application my intuitive thinking made it possible to weed out a few right away. David Turevon, Lavinica Stafford, and Rachel Morgan were all experts in none essential fields, this made them easily disposable. David Turevon is an extraordinary artist, and although we have received several great innovations from artist, we need to just survive first before we can start inventing again. Mr. Turevon has a temperamental personality, and can be domineering and disruptive. These flaws turned out to be more then I could remedy so he was dismissed. Lavinica Stafford is a minister and no one of such a religious background has been admitted yet. She is deeply devoted to cleansing the heart and the mind with religion; her contributions will not be great enough to be admitted into the city. Ms. Stafford has a heart condition, which, in the future, limits her activity. I had to dismiss her due to her health problems and her lack of vital talent that will aid us in a life or death situation. We need more then faith, we need validated knowledge to succeed. Her deep religion will help her cope with the fact that she eventually parish outside the bubble. My final rejection from this bunch was Rachel Morgan, a political scientist with fine knowledge of government and law. She is a great government leader and very ambitious. Although she is a leader, Future City has little use for government when pure survival is in the question. Ms. Morgan has had a damaging pregnancy and will not be able to reproduce in the future. Procreation is the single most important asset in Future City next to survival. With only a few thousand citizens left, reproduction is a must.

My second batch of rejections comes with greater difficulty. These few possess talents that would not only help, but also build onto the little community that we have. My first rejection was Dr. Hordam C. Morgan, an expect in gynecology, obstetrics, pediatrics, and contraception. There is no single person in Future City that possesses these vital talents. He is an extraordinary man that would single handily aid in the reproduction process, and all the medical complications that come with pregnancy. Although he is an exceptional man, he comes with great complications. Dr. Morgan has required his wife and unborn child to be accepted with him. That alone would fill all the positions in the community, which is unacceptable. My second choice was John Milton Herbster, a tremendous athletic individual that would bring fitness up to the next level. He is a clean-cut man that has a special knowledge of fitness programs, vital to the development of the human body. He is a dull man and occasionally has fits of uncontrollable temper, Future City can not have a temperamental build man ranting and raving about something trivial. Future City has no other individual like him, but fitness will come with hard works, something that we all will be doing just to survive. My third rejection was Joseph Bergman, an expert of the mind, Psychology. He would be the oldest applicant to be admitted and age is vital in such a young community. He would aid the people with mental depression and pacify the severe pressure due to the situation. He is an exceptional man, but due to his age and health complication, cannot be accepted. He has acquired respiratory problems akin to emphysema, and will become more of a problem then the solution. There is no one like him in Future City, but due to illness and age, he would not be an asset. My final rejection was Miya Siddhartha, an expert in strains of plague and epidemic diseases. Although she has vital knowledge that would insure the city has a fighting chance against disease, she has many flaws. Ms. Siddhartha has suffered deep depression due to the horrors she has witnessed. She has witnessed more then she could ever handle and it has scarred her for life. She suffers deep states of depression, and would be little help to the community. She may require psychiatric treatment that shows she would become more of a nuisance then help. I have rejected these individuals for all the following reasons, and know that I have made the right decision.

In conclusion, 2013 has been the hardest test of human ability ever, and if we plan to survive we must all combine our knowledge in the fight. My chosen applicants have been selected for their knowledge in the most vital fields. Air/Water, Food, and Ecology are the most important fields and knowledge of these three and vital, I have chosen the best in these fields trying to insure our survival. My rejections were not made easily, but in times like this we must make drastic sacrifices. Several thousand more will die outside the bubble but for the few thousand that are left inside the bubble, they will hold the worlds fate in there hand. God help us all in this time of such tragedy, for we need all the help we can get.


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