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The Hit Essay, Research Paper

Breaking the Norm

The norm I am breaking is the dress code acceptance for males and females. While males usually dress more masculine, women chose to dress more feminine. I took a visit to my previous junior high school dressed in some red high heels shoes, a sexy bright red skirt, black tube-top shirt, red lipstick, green contacts, a bra, huge gold loop earrings, and red finger nail polish on.

On a busy one o’ clock Tuesday evening at a small Orville Wright Middle School campus, I was ready to enter my old junior high school dressed to impress. As I timorously walked into the schools principles office, there were two students getting referrals, three secretaries typing, a parent picking up her kid, and my old principle talking to a parent. As soon as I walked into the office, everybody stopped what they were doing and looked at me with bulging eyes. I felt extremely embarrassed, yet my straight face remained intact. They were in complete shock! One of the secretaries said, “boy, what are you wearing?” I looked at here like there was absolutely nothing wrong. Then the parent turned around and began to laugh excessively. Then the parent yelled, “what is the world coming too, these kids running ’round like girls!” The other two secretaries were mumbling two each other, smirking and laughing with astonishing eyes. One of the female students sarcastically said, “I love your shoes babe,” and started to laugh. I began to get butterflies in my stomach and a feeling of laughter came to me. I asked what they were laughing at, they then responded with, “boy, go look in the mirror and find out for yourself.” The principle then recognized who I was and said, “Bryan, who dressed you this morning, why are you dressed like that? Halloween was in October, it’s over now!” After the rooms excessive laughing, and weird looks, a male student walked in the office and said, “ha ha, what the hell are you wearing? Don’t you know you’re dressed like a fag? Fag boy!” Even though I wouldn’t normally dress like this, I felt offended and felt it necessary to defend myself. I felt terrible and extremely insulted. I quickly exited the office.

I walked on a crowed playground where many students were actively playing basketball and tetherball. As I walked by the students, they stopped the game and began making faces and began laughing and pointing at me. The boys started to whistle and making sexy smirks. One boy shouted, “can I call you sometime?” It was cold outside, I felt bitter and irritated. I wanted to get out of my clothes because of the austere criticism and the skirt made my legs feel like ice sickles. Even those who did not bluntly laugh had disgusted looks on their faces. Those who were walking by me began to keep their distance as if I was crazy or something. I felt awkward and somewhat cheap because of the constant mocking and gawking I had endured. At this time, I decided to take the outfit off and change into some jeans and a T-shirt. As I was walking to the bathroom, two young girls were splashing water on each other at the restrooms. I put my head down to avoid eye contact and slipped in a puddle of water and tore my black skirt. My boxers began to show and the girls started laughing so hard that they fell on the floor giggling. The two girls made me feel embarrassed and uncomfortable, so much in fact that I couldn’t hold it in any longer, and I too began to let out a piercing laugh.

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