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Finding Forrester Essay, Research Paper

Finding Forrester

Wonderful. That was my first though after watching Finding Forrester. The story was great and they did a flawless job on casting the actors. The fact that Jamal missed the two free throws to and caused his team to lose the championship basketball game was important to illustrate an example. It showed that although schools do often favor their athletes in a scholastic manor by helping them keep their grades, there is a right way to handle these matters and that only the strong athletes would not take advantage of those types of situation. It showed that he was stronger than the professors and that they cannot get what they want though bribery. This movie slightly reminded me of Save the Last Dance. Except the roles were switched, the black male, Jamal, was the new student and the white female, Claire Spencer was the student that was mainly the first and only friend at the school. Despite of this the theme and the story were great.

One part of the movie Finding Forrester that I distinctly remember was when Forrester was telling Jamal that when you are writing a paper or essay you need to write and not think, you think when you revise your first draft. Within the recent years I have noticed that movies have truly begun to emotionally move me. I have watched movies such as Enemy at the Gate, which made me want to take a course in history. With this motivation I was propelled to look into a history course that was offered at the Sacramento City College. The comedy Meet the Parents changed my desire to have a girlfriend for this movie made me not want to meet the parents of any future girlfriend. Likewise, after watching this movie I became motivated to complete one piece of English homework, a reading and analysis on one of Plato s ideas, that I have been stuck on for a couple of days. This movie motivated me to reattempt to do this assignment because I felt that I was thinking too much and that I just needed to write and then think later.

English teachers and professors should not be as skeptical as Professor Crawford. I do believe that professors need to look for plagiarism but at the same time they should not be as paranoia as Crawford was. I would consider Professor Crawford an unfair and pessimistic teacher that subconsciously wanted others to suffer because of his troubles with trying to publish his book. He showed his unfairness when he was challenged be Jamal on quotes from famous authors and when Jamal turned in his essays he did not think that he could write so well, he doubted Jamal s smarts. Crawford was unfair because he always had to be right and had to get even with his students.

It was great that Jamal s brother, Terrell, was able to let him and Forrester go on the baseball diamond. I think this was the turning point in their friendship; Forrester has not done anything like for several years. It was moving to see Forrester to fill his bicycle tires and took his bike out to drop off the letter to Jamal and to see him out and about at the end of the movie.

Prior to watching this movie I had no idea what to expect out of it, I had no clue on what it was about. Once I started watching it I started to remember the previews that I have seen a while back which refreshed my memory on what the story was about. I liked this movie not because of the story or the plot, but because of the emotional effects that it had on me. It motivated me to write this essay and a paper that I needed to write for English. I could not have watched this movie at a better time.

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