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Persuasive Essay

Driving is a tremendous responsibility. I believe our state should have rigorous driving

tests to make the roads safe for others. However I think most teenagers aren’t ready to accept

these responsibilities. I think the minimum driving age for Florida should be eighteen. This is

because many student go to parties and get intoxicated as a result. The school also provides a

safe system of transportation, and some teenagers think they are immortal.

When many teenagers go to parties, they might be pressured to do things they might not

normally do. Drinking alcohol is one example of this. Once you are under the influence of alcohol

your abilities to drive deteriorate. In this state, you hurt yourself, or even worse you might injure

someone else. Many teen deaths result each year from intoxicated driving.

Driving your own car to school is not a absolutely necessary. This creates more risks, and

more possibilities for a teenager to become involved in an accident. The county provides a

entirely safe bussing program. Students can be picked up in the morning, then returned home in

the afternoon. I think more student should take advantage of this.

When you are a teenager, it is said you feel immortal. This may hold true in some

instances. Students might approach a stoplight, and decide to race the engine, when next to

another classmate. Or races might ensue, that endanger the student and, the other citizens on the


This is not to say, that im really excited about receiving my license. I think that I will be

able to stay safe, and not endanger others on the road. Some people just aren’t ready though. So

for the well being of everyone, I believe the driving age should be pushed back to age eighteen. At

which the student are more ready to accept their new found responsibilites.

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