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======================================================================== F I N A L F A N T A S Y 8 ======================================================================== Final Fantasy VIII FAQ Version 1.14 Part I For Sony Playstation By Scott Ong E-Mail: kangning@mbox5.singnet.com.sg This FAQ is meant for personal use only and can only be reproduced electronically. This FAQ can be altered as long as the disclaimer remains unchanged. This FAQ is owned and made by me. So don’t try to get any ideas on it or I will get YOU! Feel free to distribute the FAQ in its original form. This FAQ cannot be sold for profitable purposes! I N T R O D U C T I 0 N ————————- ** That’s right, the eagerly-awaited FF8 finally hits the stores. The game is much better and more realistic. You will take the role of the super cool Squall whom is led by Seifer, his rival to recapture the city of Dollet. The city has fallen into the hands of the evil President Deling, the dictator of the warlike nation, Galbadia…. ** The hero Squall, trained as a mercenary at a military academy, meets a girl named Rinoa at a party. Gradually influenced by her bohemian lifestyle, Squall rejects family and friends for people as yet… strangers. Meanwhile, at that while, the continent of Galbadia suddenly turns against the whole world and declares…war. Standing beside the President as he delivers this speech, is the figure of a witch who disappears from the memories of the people… V E R S I O N S —————- Version 1.0 – Contains the main document. Version 1.1 – Finished Disc 1 Walkthrough. Make the Disc 1 walkthrough more detailed and correct some errors. Completed the Controls section. Version 1.2 – Added Disc 2 walkthrough [partial]. Also added the BOSS Diablo’s facts. Version 1.3 – Completed Disc 2 walkthrough and make some corrections. Start working on Part II. Added information on Chocobo Riding. Make more corrections on Disc 1 walkthrough. Version 1.4 – Added Disc 3 walkthrough [partial] and make more corrections. Make some spelling corrections on the Leviathan, Quetzalcoatl and Cerebrus. – Added information on getting Phoenix and Odin. Version 1.5 – Completed Disc 3 walkthrough including information on G.Fs King Tonberi, Bahamut and Sabotander, plus the Eden, thanks to Steven Bruck! – Add more corrections in spelling and errors. Version 1.6 – Added and complete Disc 4 walkthrough except for the ending FMV, don’t want to spoil the fun ^_^ – Added corrections/logo to the FAQ. Complete the list of gameshark codes. Version 1.7 – Make mystical corrections. Miscellaneous information on Omega Weapon and the draw list from Tonberi, thanks to Hahaha Hahaha. – Added more information getting fragments of the pot and attaining full marks for the Dollet’s SeeD examinations. Thanks to ChaRle5! – Added more information on getting G.F Grasharaboras. – Added information on Ward and Kiros – Correct most gramatical errors. Version 1.8 – Edit some of the data and correct more errors. – Added the correct way to get the Phoenix Wing, thanks to Jerry Ng! – Added mini-walkthroughs on my webpage. – Added more contributors [Part II only] Version 1.9 – Correct more errors – Added ways to get the Pet Magazines and Fighter Magazines thanks to Lynn Tse. – Added more information on the Prison Tower. Plus a move that could save your life! Thanks to Markweb Jimenez – Find more items from your jounery at the Balamb Garden during Disc 2. – Enhance the controls section. Added ASCII maps of it. – Added information on Pocketstation, Thanks to Zane Merritt. Added ways to get the Ko-Mogri through the Pocketstation. Added controls of the Pocketstation too. – Thanks to Crystal Power for that outstanding strategies to fight against the Rubulmdragons and the Bahamut. Thanks to Ciovo for telling me the usefulness of the Tonberi’s Level Down. – Draw an ASCII image of the Pocketstation! Thanks to Zane Merritt for sending me a scanned photo of his PDA. – Thanks to Crystal Power for the correction on the lyrics “Eyes on me” – Edit my e-mail layout. Version 1.10 – Made some corrections. [at Esthar Shopping List] – Added corrections to lyrics “Eyes on Me”, thanks to Hahaha Hahaha/ Yee Seng Fu/ Franksiskus Febrainto ^0^ – Added more information on the Chocobo Mini-Game. About Chocobo Meteor. Thanks to Zane Merritt – Made some spell corrections between Flare and Aero. – Made more corrections at certain areas. – Added more information on getting G.Fs and make more corrections. – Correct gramatic errors and sentence structures. – Find a way to get back lost cards. – Added more battle strategies against BOSS: Brothers, Sabotendar, Diablo and the final battle. – Added new strategy against the Omega Version 1.11 – Added lyrics for the opening song. Thanks to Marco “vegeta” Colombo for the lyrics. – Make some changes to most parts of the FAQ. – Added more information on the Controls section. – Added the first Idiot on the Idiots List! – Added the list of items which can be won from BOSSES fight [partially] – Added more miscellaneous information such as getting Occult Fan Part I, Pet Magazine 2nd Issue and much more. – Added Battle Tips to most parts of the walkthrough. – Added the type of spells which you can draw from the Magic Stones. [partially] Version 1.12 – Added the remainding list of Magic Stones until Disc 3 – Added list of items that you can won from BOSS fights. Also applies until Disc 3. (partially) – Added more battle tips until Disc 3 (partially) – Make some corrections to the Basics section. – Added informatiom about solving the Clock Puzzle. Thanks to Stephanus Rudiyanto Natari. – Added information about trading the Tonari no Kanjo with Zone. Thanks to Marbweb Jimenez – Added more information on hacking gameshark codes. Version 1.13 – Added information about the Chocobuckle. – Added the remainding Magic Stones (excluding those that are found at the World Map)[until fighting the Ultimate Weapon.] – Added more battle tips. [until Disc 3] – Added the list of items which can be won from BOSS Fights. [until Disc 3] – Added the list of monsters found at Warship Island and how to tackle them. – I have found another secret FMV, refer to Section 5.10 for more details. Version 1.14 – Added the remainding Magic Stones and BOSS stats thanks to Markweb Jimenez. He even sent me a map of Altemisia Castle! You will find it at my website. – Added FF8 Debug Code, thanks to Alex M. Very exclusive! – Added some strategies about the BOSSES in the final dungeon. – Make some changes to the Magic Translations according to Final Fantasy VII magic. Heal (restore HP) – Cure Cure (fixed status ailments) – Esuna Life 2 (restore life and HP to full) – Raise – Correct some errors regarding the spelling with Sabotander and Pandemonium. – Change all “Magic Stones” to “Draw Points” This FAQ can be found at the following addresses: GameFAQs www.gamefaqs.com/ The Round Island members.xoom.com/_XOOM/scottong/ Cheat Code Central www.cheatcc.com/ The HTML version of this FAQ can be found at the following address: Final Fantasy: Worlds Apart www.ffnet.net/ Square Source squaresource.com TotalFF8 totalff8.ffnet.net/ The HTML of the Mini-FAQs can found at the following address: The Round Island members.xoom.com/scottong/ Firstly, this is my first FAQ on RPG and there may be many errors due to the long walkthrough. So inform me if you have any corrections regarding this FAQ. This FAQ is protected under copyright law and any unauthorized copying or production will lead to severe punishment. I have also included my walkthrough for the Demo disc for FF8, so enjoy your feast! ________________________________________________________________________ NEWS Regular updating will be done on my site, while major updates will be sent to GameFAQs. Part II (partial) is currently on the Internet. It can also be found at the above mentioned websites. Well I have moved to XOOM recently, so take note of the new URL of my homepage. For your convience, I have recently downloaded ICQ and my ICQ is 39117037. Sorry for no updates for the entire last week of May…… Scott is very busy. If you know something about FF7, head for the website and you can entered a quiz! Check it at: members.xoom.com/scottong/quiz.htm (any commercial fee? ^_^;) Late replies on e-mails… My computer has gone berserk again. Now it is back on its feet again and now it is back to action. Sorry about that. I have lost all my ICQ contacts and my mails contact… so kindly drop a mail again. Sorry for the inconvience caused. C O N T I N U E? Definately yes! for the American version. Probably I will add a translation script regarding the Japanese version to help you guys in this Japanese version of the game. So watch for my FAQs for the US version. Bye! IDIOTS! Can’t really believe it that someone actually sold my FAQ for money. I am telling everyone that if you saw someone do so, please tell them to stop it. This FAQ is meant for PERSONAL USAGE ONLY and not being sold for money! During my naviagtion on the net, I have found a site that has the version 1.0 of my Part I. But the webmaster simply removes the disclaimer and my name. He is the webmaster of RPG Central [http://www. blue.icestorm.com/rpgcentral]. I have tried contact the webmaster empteen times yet there is still no reply. Feel free to e-mail to me if you have any enquires on the game / using my FAQs for your website on the game, remember to write the title of the game as the subject or I will not answered it. Well, here is a piece of good news! Robert Strokes [webmaster of Final Fantasy: Worlds Apart] has released the HTML version [partial]! ________________________________________________________________________ This Document is Copyright 1999 Scott Ong. It may freely distributed but It may NOT be SOLD for any price! ######################################################################## C O N T E N T S ######################################################################## 1. The Characters 2. Controls 3. Walkthrough for Disc 1 4. Walkthrough for Disc 2 5. Walkthrough for Disc 3 6. Walkthrough for Disc 4 7. Gameshark codes 8. Credits ________________________________________________________________________ Begin with the show! ======================================================================== 1. T H E C H A R A C T E R S ======================================================================== These are the characters whom will depart on your strange adventure… Name: Squall Leonhart Age: 17 Sex: Male Height: 5′10″ [177 cm] Birthdate: August 23 Blood Type: AB Weapon: Gunblade Description: The story’s hero unsociable and expressionless. The hero of the game, a cadet in the SeeD special forces attached to Balamb Garden. Antisocial and stone-faced. Besides his aloof personality, he is very self centered and a person who hates influenced deeply by strangers. Name: Rinoa Heartilly Age: 17 Sex: Female Height: 5′4″ [163 cm] Birthdate: March 3rd [thanks to Rinoa Heartilly's Shrine] Weapon: Blaster Edge Description: A beautiful and enigmatic woman, kind-hearted and driven to succeed. A cheerful girl who possesses a “mood-making” liveliness and gentleness that touches people without discrimination. She’s honest about her feelings and readily speaks what she thinks. However, in time, she ends up becoming warped… By the way, Rinoa has a pet dog called Angelo. Name: Zell Dincht Age: 17 Sex: Male Height: 5′6″ [167cm] Birthdate: March 17th Blood Type: B Weapon: Glove Description: A master of comprehensive wrestling skills whom was admitted to the Garden. He has entered the Garden when he was only 13 years old out of admiration of his grandfather, who was an excellent soldier. He is the type who does everything with enthusiasm, but the reason is his weak point. However, at heart he is gentle and has a serious personality. Name: Seifer Almasy Age: 18 Sex: Male Height: 6′1″ (188 cm) Birthdate: December 22nd Blood Type: A Weapon: Gunblade Description: A troublemaker who views Squall as his rival. A SeeD cadet who is treated as a problem child because he lacks composure and the ability to follow orders, even though he has the disposition to excel. On the other hand, he appreciates Squall’s abilities highly and adamantly considers him a rival. Name: Laguna Loire Age: 27 Sex: Male Height: 5′11″ [181 cm] Birthdate: January 3rd Blood Type: B Weapon: Machine Gun Description: A hot-blooded man who fights with a pen instead a sword. Kind out of compassion for humanity, he’s a man full of courage who helps the faint-hearted and crushes the arrogant. A journalist of military origins, he swapped his sword for a pen and fights boldly against the evils of the world. Laguna has rather a sad story, as he lost his wife in saving the world and has become the President of Esthar. By the way the mystery has been solved, it was actually Elone whom causes Squall to meet Laguna in his dream. His intelligence and leadership were unmatched. Name: Selphie Tilmitt Age: 17 Sex: Female Height: 5′1″ [157cm] Birthdate: July 16 Blood Type: B Weapon: Nunchaku Description: A naive girl with flightily nature and capable character. A girl with skilled personality to the extent that you can’t believe that she’s a student at the military academy. Usually she has a carefree way of speaking and is frequently disturbed by the pace of her surroundings. Name: Irvine Kinneas Age: 18 Sex: Male Height: 6′0″ [185cm] Birthdate: November 24th Blood Type: O Weapon: Shotgun Description: A young man, well-liked by women whose strongest point is his marksmanship. A cadet at the Galbadia Garden, he self- styles himself as the “No. 1 gunslinger in the Garden” His shooting arm seems sure and he is the girls’ favorite because he is full of confidence. He seems callous to simple men, but in truth, he is unexpectedly sensitive and seems to have a serious personality. Name: Quistis Trepe Age: 18 Sex: Female Height: 5′6″ [172cm] Birthdate: October 4 Blood Type: A Weapon: Chain Whip Description: An Elite who serves as Squall’s advisor. She has joined SeeD at the age of 15 and is now the guidance counselor of Squall and his friends. In opposition to her cool spirit and strong facade, she gets depressed easily about trivial matters since she is unused to setbacks. LAGUNA’S PARTY Name: Ward Zaback Age: 25 Sex: Male Height: 217 cm Birthdate: February 25th Blood Type: A Weapon: Harpoon Description: Ex-Galbadian 08 soldier. He is one of Laguna’s best pals. You can only use him in battles during Laguna’s Scenario. Don’t look down on him, as he looks huge and scary. Ward is actually one of the most strongest guys in FF8, have high strength stats. Now Ward has become a minister for the President of Esthar. Name: Kiros Seagul Age: 23 Sex: Male Height: 191 cm Birthdate: July 6th Blood Type: O Weapons: Daggers Description: Ex-Galbadian 08 soldier. He is one of Laguna’s best pals. You can only use him in battles during Laguna’s Scenario. He is rather a helpful lad in Laguna’s friend. He is rather agile and swift in his movement. He has very cool weapons. Kiros had also became one of Laguna’s right hand man. There are more information about other characters and you can view it from the site, Final Fantasy VIII Source or Yee Seng Fu’s Basics FAQ. ======================================================================== 2. C O N T R O L S ======================================================================== NOTE: Read this section before you proceed to the main walkthrough. Contents 2.1 You should know…. 2.2 The Main Menu 2.3 Default Button Configuration 2.1 Y O U S H O U L D K N O W…… ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ This is the stuff that you should know when playing FF8. These can be found in your manual. If you want more information regarding this, refer to Yee Seng Fu’s Basics FAQ. +++ Playing the Game from the Beginning +++ Point the cursor at the first Option [NEW GAME] and enter your decision with the Circle button. +++ Continue from Save Data +++ When you want to play using SAVE DATA to continue from the previous point, select the 2nd option and press Circle and you can now select the slot with the Circle Button. Note that you can save up to the maximum data of 15 game saves. +++ Changing Disc Warnings +++ As you proceed through the adventure. Do NOT turn off your Playstation Console. Just open the Playstation Lid and pop in the next disc and the game will automatically resumes itself. +++ Questions +++ In this FAQ, I have included diagrams and questions. Q.1 How do I save my game? Q.2. How do I use Draw Points? Q.3 What actually happened to Julia? Q.4 How do I enter Dollet City? Q.5 How do I defeat those Aliens in Ragnarok? Q.6 Is it possible to get cards at Disc 4? +++ Battle Tips +++ I have added sections called Battle Tips and they are found in most part of the walkthrough, like how to kill the Molbors and the T-Rex at low levels. This section is specially made for those whom do not use Gameshark. There are a total of 20 of them. ________________________________________________________________________ 2.2 T H E M A I N M E N U ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ The Main Menu is a very important section as it allows you to use items, view stats of your characters and G.F., saving your game, adjust game settings, etc. Read this if you have any enquires about the game. ======================================================================== NOTE: All the settings are use in default settings. ======================================================================== ++ MAIN MENU ++ Junction: Allows you to set up your Guardian Forces and abilities Item: Allows you to use items or rearranged your items Magic: Allows you to use and trade magic with other characters Status: Allows you to view the stats of your characters. G.F.: Allows you to view the Guardian Force levels, and to develop your monsters’ job skills. Abilities: Allows you to use the abilities learned by the G.F. Party Change: Allows you to change your party at the World Map or at the Save Point. Cards: Allows you to view the cards that you have. Configuration: Allows you to adjust your game settings. Tutorial: A very precise learning guide on how to play FF8. Save: Allows you to save your game. This option will only be selectable if you have approached a Save Point and at the World Map. Here is an ASCII art of the Main Menu [for those whom does not know Japanese]. *** MAIN MENU *** ____________________________________________________________________ |HELP | | |__________________________________________________| JUNCTION | |STATUS | | | ZELL LV 22 HP: 2411 / 1922 | ITEM | |————————————————–| | |STATUS | MAGIC | | SQUALL LV 31 HP: 2415 / 2551 | | |————————————————–| STATUS | |STATUS | | | RINOA LV 20 HP: 1100 / 1930 | GUARDIAN FORCE | |————————————————–| | | IRVINE QUISTIS | ABILITIES | | LV 20 HP 977 LV 22 HP 1059 | | | ——— ——— | PARTY CHANGE | | | | | SELPHIE | CARDS | | LV 17 HP 824 | | | ——— | CONFIGURATION | | | | | | TUTORIAL | | | | | | SAVE | |__________________________________________________|_________________| _________________________________________________ | PLAY 24:15 | | || S.LV 30 | | BALAMB GARDEN – TRAINING CENTER || 446470 G | |_________________________________________________||_________________| ======================================================================== 2.2.1. JUNCTION MENU ======================================================================== ** JUNCTION MENU ** _______________________________________________________________ | [JUNCTION] [REMOVE] [OPTIMIZE] [ABILITY] | JUNCTION | |__________________________________________________|____________| _________ __________ | PHOTO | SQUALL | COMMAND | | OF | | ATTACK | | SQUALL | Lv 31 |^| | MAGIC | | | | G.F. | |_________| HP 2415 / 2551 | ITEM | _______________________________________________________|__________| | [ HP ] Ice 3 2551 [ST ATK] [ST DEF] [A ATK] [A DEF] | | [ STR ] ————- 78 [ DEX ] ————— 25 | | [ B STR ] ————- 20 [ EVA ] ————— 2 % | | [ M STR ] ————- 45 [ ACU ] ————— 225 | | [ SPI ] ————- 35 [ LUCK ] ————— 17 | |__________________________________________________________________| LIST OF ABBREVIATIONS _________________________________________________________________ | | | | | | STR | Strength | ACU | Accuracy | | B STR | Body Strength | LUCK | Luck | | M STR | Magic Strength | ST ATK | Status Attack | | SPI | Spirit | ST DEF | Status Defense | | DEX | Dexrity | A ATK | Attribute Attack | | EVA | Evasion | A DEF | Attribute Defense | |________|_____________________|________|_________________________| What is their purpose? ** Strength ** This factor affects the attacking power of your character. The higher the stats, the more damage your character will inflicit with the Attack Command. ** Body Strength ** This factor effects the defensive power of your character. The higher the defensive stats, the lesser the amount of damage inflicited by your opponent. ** Magic Strength ** This factor effects the magic attacking power of your character. The higher the stats, the more damage your character will inflicit when using magic. ** Spirit ** This factor effects the magic defensive power of your character. The higher the stats, the lesser the amount of damage inflicited by your opponent when it uses magic. ** Dexrity ** This factor effect the speed of your time bar or ATB (also known Active Time Bar]. The higher the stats, the faster the ATB is. ** Evasion ** This factor effect the rate whether your character will escape from an enemy’s attack [causing a MISS in the opponent's attack]. The higher the stats, the more chance your character will dodge from an attack. ** Accuracy ** This factor effect the rate whether your character will hit your opponent with the Attack Command. The higher the stats, the lesser chance that your character will miss an attack [great against Cactuars] ** Luck ** This one I not quite sure. But I think that it will effect the rate whether the Odin will appear. It also effect the rate whether your character could escape from status ailments such as death. If you have the luck stats of 100+, you will be able to see the Gilamgesh in between battles! ** Status Attack ** This is similar to FF7’s Elemental combo on your character’s weapon Your character will inflicit damage and also causes status ailments on your opponent. For example if you want to cause sleepel with your character attack, junction Sleepel to your Status Attack. ** Status Defense ** I myself prefered this than status attack. This works like FF7’s Elemental combo on your character’s armor. Your character will receive protection against the elemental that you have junctioned. For example if you want your character to be protected against Confusion, junction Confu to your status defense. It would be better if you have acquired the Ribbon [prevents any status disorder, it's a secret G.F. ability, haven't gotten it yet] ** Attribute Attack ** This is rather USELESS. If you want to do more damage against Fire- based monsters such as the Bomb, junction Ice to your junction as Ice works well against Fire. However, ice-based monsters will nullifies the attack, thus you are helping them to restore lost HP! ** Attribute Defense ** This is much preferred against Attribute Attack. As you can recieved no damage from elementals or nullifies it and restore your HP. This ability could make your life easier. If you junction Ultima to your Attribute defense, you will be able to nullify any kind of magic. For example if you want your character to protect well against Fire, junction Fire to the character’s attribute defense. ## JUNCTION ## ———————————————————————-0 Once you have chosen Junction, you will have this menu. Press Circle and choose the “JUNCTION” tap. The top tool bar will have the following options: ___________________________________________________ | | | JUNCTION | |_____________|_____________________________________ This allows you to set the G.F monsters that you would like the character to use and this will lead to the Optimize and Ability Menu. After selecting this command you will have the following screen: ______________________________________________ | Well, let’s get started. G.F Page No. 1 G.F Page No. 2 | Here is the layout of _________________ __________________ | all the G.Fs. [] |Queztalcoatl [] | |Brothers | | represents a character |Shiva | |Diablo | | has already picked the |Ifrit [] | |Carbunkle | | G.F. If you point the |Siren | |Leviathan | | cursor next to it, you |_________________| |__________________| | will see the name of | the character that the G.F Page No. 3 G.F Page No. 4 | G.F is currently _________________ __________________ | equipped with. Press |Pandemonium | |Bahamut | | D-Pad right or left |Cerberus | |Sabotander | | to change pages. |Alexandar | |Tonberi | | Press Circle to select |Grasharaboras | |Eden | | the G.F. Press X after |_________________| |__________________| | you have finished | equipping your G.Fs. ______________________________________________| — Optimize Menu. If you have acquired junction abilities [icons with «J»], you will find that you can junction magic to bolster your character’s stats. This is rather difficult and here is a part of it. Press Circle and you will see the Magic Page on the right of character’s photo ________ __________________ | | |MAGIC P1 NUM | I have “cut” the screen to a small | PHOTO | |Fire 100 | part as what I am saying will be | OF | |Ice 100 | focusing on within this area. For | SQUALL | |Bolt 100 | example if you want to junction 100x |________| |Ice 3 100 | Fire to your Strength [provided that ________|__________________| you have acquired Strength J]. Select | | Status chart. |___________________________|_____________________ | Fire — 99% Poison — 0 % | AT ATK —– | Ice — 0 % Wind — 0 % | |AT DEF Fire | Bolt — 0 % Water — 0 % | AT DEF —– | Earth — 0 % Holy — 0% | |__________________________________| STATUS ATTACK /DEFENSE JUNCTION WINDOW —————————————— ___________________________ Tip: Press Right to change back to | AT ATK/DEF–| Elemental chart. |___________________________|__________________________________ | Instant Death — 0% Zombie — 0% | ST ATK —– | Poison — 0% Sleep — 0% | ST DEF —– | Petrify — 0% Slow — 0% | ST DEF —– | Blind — 0% Stop — 0% | | Silent — 0% Confuse — 0% | | Berserk — 0% Absorption — 0% | |_______________________________________________| I have missed out one of them and I am rather tired in redrawing the table. That one is Darkness [I could counter that 100% when I junctioned Aura to it]. That applies to Status Defense only. Ocassionally, if you junction 100x of a spell to the characters’ attributes defense, you will see a green-colour star. This marks that the spell being cast on the equipped character will be nullified. A green star marks 100% protection against the spell [which means it does 0 HP damage.] Over 100% will instantly nullifies the spell. Thanks to fuuie for his precise guide on magic junctioning. ## REMOVE ## ———————————————————————-0 Removes all the spells are set using the Junction Menu. Your character stats will change back to it’s original. The numbers of the stats also decreases. You will be given a message box, if you have junctioned magic to the character’s maximum HP through HP J. Removes all equipped Commands [G.F command, Magic command, Item command, Draw command, G.Fs command such as Recovery set that is by using the Junction Option. And of course the magic spells that are junction to your character's stats. It removes the equipped G.F. This option works well when you want to transport all G.Fs to another character. ## OPTIMIZE ## ----------------------------------------------------------------------0 Optimizes the spells by configuring according to the attacking power. The character's attacking stats are the highest. Optimizes spells for the highest magic attack and defense. Junction better magic [also giving you better results] to the Magic Strength. Optimizes spells for highest defensive power. Junction the better magic [also giving you better results] to the character’s Body Strength. ## ABILITY ## ———————————————————————-0 This option is the only way to configure what other actions, that your character could perform besides the normal attacks and special attacks. Once you have equipped a G.F, you will have 4 four commands being set. Here is the list of “BASIC” commands [all G.Fs have it!]: Allows your characters to cast the spells that you have drawn from opponents or Draw Points. Must have the draw command in order to draw magic! Allows you to summon the G.F. monsters. There you will see the HP of the G.F. replacing the HP of the commanding character. There is a time bar in blue. The monster will automatically being summoned as all the blue bar has been used up. This can be cancel if the monster’s HP reaches zero, being cast a confusion spell or silence spell. |One of the most important commands used in the game. With this command, |you can “draw” magic such as Fire, Bolt and much more from enemies. |NOTE: You must have this command in order to draw magic from the Draw | Points [purple translucent bubbles]. |—-[Stack] |Saves the magic for later use. Up to the maximum number of 9 spells |that can be drawn, this will depend on the level of your opponent, the |level of your character and your luck. | |—-[Release] |One charge can be drawn in this way, but the spell will immediately |expelled. The spell is being used at half of the damage. But this |situation is good for if you want to cast a spell that you have not |drawn before. There is a high possibility for you to draw question |marks from enemies. Allows you to use items such as Potions, Phoenix Downs when engaged in combat. This are pretty handy when your character is unable to use magic [e.g. being silenced]. Also allows you to summon some special monsters such as the Phoenix. For the usage of other commands, refer to Part II for more details. ======================================================================== 2.2.2. ITEM MENU ======================================================================== Items apparently are one of the most important factors in FF8. They will help you to restore HP, cure status disorder and helps in battles. I have classified them in six groups MEDICINE: Healing items such as Potions, Phoenix Downs and Elixirs. JUNK: Items such as Magic Stone Fragment, Magic Stone and Screws These items can not be use through the item command, however some of them provides some special desperation moves for Quistis and Weapon Upgrading. They can also be converted in materials for making Magic through Abilities Menu G.F: Item used in restoring G.F’s lost HP or Life and allows G.Fs to learn new abilities. Provide that you have enough space… BATTLE: Items that are only useable through the item command. One good example is the Phoenix Wing. FIELD: Items that are group-based type, and only useable at Save Points, examples are Tents and Pet Houses/ MAGAZINE: Useful booklets which tells you requirements on Weapon Upgrading, new moves for Rinoa and new moves for Zell. BULLETS: This item are battle-type items and are used through Irvine’s Special Moves. Drawing a full ASCII Art of the Item menu requires, time so I only draw out the Tool Bar. __________________________________________________________________ | | ITEM | |_______________________________________________________|__________| This will enable you to use the items directly from the item menu. Only healing items such as Potions can be used from here. You can also view books, activate the item to fight the Diablo from here! To summon G.F Grasharaboras, use the Solmon’s Ring through this command. [make sure you have met the requirements. You can also use items to let Quistis to learn special moves, improve G.F affection by using G.F affections items, upgrade character's stats with sources and allows you to read magazines. Allows you to arrange the items in your preferred way. Doing this will be much easier while in searching for the items that you wished to use. You can arranged the items by switching places and placing them in a blank space. There are about 25 item pages. This will cause the computer to arrange the items. Useable and important ones will be the top at the menu, while those unusable ones will be arranged at the lower section. Practically it is arranged in this order: [MEDICINE]-[G.F]-[BATTLE]-[FIELD]-[BULLETS]-[JUNK]-[MAGAZINES] This section allows you to arrange what you want to appear at the item pages [through item commands] Allows you to arrange the items in your own peference. Well look something like this: ________________________ |ITEM P1 NUM. | To change it’s position, just simply |Potion 100 | the item on the top left screen and select |Phoenix Down 20 | another item [the spot where you want to |Remedy 6 | place the first item] There are about 10 |Gisaal Vegetables 1 | pages for items. You can use stones such |________________________| as Holy stone as you are casting Holy! ======================================================================== 2.2.3. MAGIC MENU ======================================================================== Magic apparently is an important factor in battles. Magic does decent amount of damage and some does massive amount of damage to a group of enemies, e.g. the Ultima Magic. Well here is the ASCII Toolbar of the Magic Menu. ______________________________________________________________________ | | MAGIC | |___________________________________________________________|__________| Allows you to use magic from the menu directly. NOTE: You can’t use attacking magic such as Bolt, Fire, Ice, etc. You can only use all healing magic except for Regen. Usable magic will have white-color Japanese fonts. |Allows you to trade magic even a particular member is not currently in |your present party. There are a total of 3 commands from this section | |—-[Hand over all] |Gives all the amount of a particular magic from an existing character |to the selected character in the lower row. Firstly select your |character and then select the magic spell you want to trade and then |select the character you want to give to and select the space where |you want to put the magic [All the amount of the current magic will be |given to the other character, e.g. If Squall has 3 Heal magic and you |trade Heal with Quistis, Quistis will have all the 3 Heal magic] | |—-[Receive All] |Gives the top character to receive the amount of a particular spell |from the character at the bottom row. E.g. Squall is the top character, |and Quistis is the lower character. Select Quistis and the spell you |want to trade to Squall. Squall will have all the selected spell that |Quistis originally has. | |—-[Divide] A better command. This option allows you to specify the number of magic that each of the character will recieve. The character must already has that spell in his/her own inventory. Allows the above character to receive all the magic from the bottom character. Very useful if you want to transfer all the spells from a character whom isn’t in your party to the other character. A very common command used in arranging placing your magic in order for easy access during combat. Each character has 8 magic pages for Magic. Too bad that there isn’t any option that you can removed magic…. I have found a way to discard useless magic such as Fire (which is quite weak later in the game..) you can trade the magic to Edea whom joins you in Disc 3. ___________________ |MAGIC P1 NUM | |Ultima 45 | |Bolt 3 100 | |Aura 100 | |Triple 100 | |___________________| ======================================================================== 2.2.4 STATUS WINDOW ======================================================================== This menu allows you to view the various abilities of your characters. Press the Circle button to open the Status Window. You can switch your characters with L1 or R1 buttons. This allows you to get to know your character’s basic abilities points like your character’s name, level, current HP vs. its Maximum HP, the amount of EXP your character has gained, the experience points needed to reach the next level, attributes, the weapon that they are currently equipped with and the ability that they have acquired. This allows you to view the character’s resistance against elements such as Poison and Ice. It also allows you to view their resistance against magic that causes status disorder such as Sleepel and Blind. Occasionally you will see a star at your character’s attributes defense stats and status defense stats. That means that your character can nullifies that kind of elemental damage or protect from the status ailment 100%! ELEMENTAL RESISTENCE ________________________________________________ | | | | FIRE | POISON | | ICE | WIND | | BOLT | WATER | | EARTH | HOLY | |______________________|_______________________| ======================================================================== ELEMENTAL CHART ======================================================================== FIRE: Fire magic is weak against Fire-based monsters, but is good against Cold/Ice/Water-based monsters. ICE: Ice magic is weak against Cold/Ice/Water-based monsters, but is pretty good against Fire-based monsters. LIGHTNING: Lightning elemental is weak against Lighting-based monsters, but great against mechnical beasts. EARTH: Earth elemental is useless against flying creatures but great against standing opponents except for Earth-based monsters. POISON: Poison elemental is useless against mechnical beast but great against humans except for Poison-based monsters. WIND: Wind elemental is great against flying creatures, but weak against wind-based monsters. Sometimes, Wind does not work well against flying creatures. WATER: Water elemental is great against monsters located at desert and mechnical beasts. Water works well against Fire-based monster. HOLY: Holy elemental works well against the undead [«false HP»]. Heal is an example of Life/Holy Magic. If you junction this to your character’s attributes attack..you will make full use of it! ======================================================================== STATUS DISORDER RESISTENCE ======================================================================== ________________________________________________ | | ZOMBIE | | INSTANT DEATH | SLEEP | | POISON | SLOW | | PETRIFY | DARKNESS | | BLIND | STOP | | SILENT | CONFU | | BERSERK | ABSORPTION | |________________________|_______________________| ======================================================================== STATUS DISORDER CHART ======================================================================== INSTANT DEATH: Your character will be killed instantly, HP drops to zero. Very damaging. POISON: A green cloud appears on head of your character. HP drops in chunks as the character reaches his turn. This status aliment also occur in the field. PETRIFY: The character becomes a solid stone and ATB stops [which means that you can't used that character. BLIND: A black cloud surrounds the forehead of your character. Your character will misses his/her attacks frequently. SILENT: A tiny bubble speech that says "..." Your character can only use Attack Command and the G.F's Abilities Command. BERSERK: Steam rushes out from the red-hot character. You will lost the control of the effected character as the character just attacked with the ATTACK COMMAND. ZOMBIE: You will lost the control of your character as the character will attack your party! SLEEP: The character's ATB will stop and «zzzz» appears from the character. The character will only awake when under attack or a Remedy or Cure is used on him/her DARKNESS: The colour of the character darkens and thus ATB bar slows down. [There isn't any magic that you can junction to your attributes attack, that's reason why this status is being left. Cast Aura to remove the status ailments. It also prevents your character from using his/her special technique. SLOW: The ATB guage [or known as the Time Bar] moves slower, changing purple in color. STOP: The ATB guage freezes as the effected character stopped moving [even the super hyperactive Zell stops shaking!] CONFU: Your character turns around in circles and will attack your party on himself/herself! ABSORPTION: Finally found the usage. This depends on character’s defense against life drain attacks. [DARKNESS] sub-header appears in the Status Defense screen only! ======================================================================== Allows you to glance through the G.F. that the characters have currently possessed. Also allows you to view the G.F’s affection towards the equipped character. The G.F affection ratings can be improved by using G.F affection items such as Dynamo Rock, refer to Part II for more details. G.F affection could also be improved by summonining a couple of times. Regular summoning of a particular G.F will improves affection with the character. This allows you to change the names of your special skills and set the auto-function. 1. Special For the case of Squall, you have trigger into the box, you will receive the amount of hits from 0 to perfect. If Squall has more than one hit, he will then perform his special move. For Zell, you have to input keys to inflict more damage to your enemy. If you want the input to be done automatically, move the cursor to ON, and decide with the Circle button. Refer to Part II for more details. ======================================================================== 2.2.5. GUARDIAN FORCE MENU ======================================================================== G.F. stands for Guardian Forces. Guardians are just the summoned monsters from FF7 and FFT [Final Fantasy Tactics]. They possesses powerful and devastating magic. Use them wisely. There is a difference between FF7 and FF8 is that now summoning a guardian will requires time as a blue bar will overleap your present time bar and the HP of the Guardian will be covering the character’s HP. Last of all, summoning a monster does not required to use MP anymore! Select your monsters and this will lead to the Learn sub-menu. |As you battles, you will gain AP which is mentioned in Part II. AP is |similar to FFT’s job points which allows you gain when the job is |being completed. Guardians also gain EXP to level up and AP to gain |new abilities. In this screen, you will be given a lot of list, which |the G.F. required to learn and how much AP is needed. |— [Junction]{J} | Allows spells to be selected through the Junction and Magic menu. | This will increases you character’s statistics. The more amount of | magic you have, the greater your character’s stats will increase. | Note: NOT all characters can be boosted by the same spells. Auto | effect when a G.F is being junctioned to the character. |—-[Command]{!} | This can be selected through the Junction and Abilities sub-menu | for the use in combat. More commands in other words. A character | can have up the maximum 4 commands [including Attack commands] |—-[Character] {C} | This can be selected through the Junction and Abilities mainly | but these are selected on the bottoms abilities window. Your | character’s ability will automatically in effect when selected. | You can get better results, such as equip Strength +40% and | Strength +20%. This will result that the character’s strength | increases by 60%. |—-[Guardian Force]{G.F.} | No need to be selected. In fact, it will take effect once they | were learnt. |—-[Menu] {M} Menu abilities can be selected directly from the main menu. Different Guardian Forces will serve different functions. The symbols will be seen in the icon next to the ability. Details about these abilities will be described in detail in Part II ======================================================================== 2.2.6. ABILITIES MENU ======================================================================== During the begining of the game, the option is being greyed out. To use this menu, learn G.F’s Menu abilities and you will be able to use it. This menu allows you to make items such as bullets for Irvine and Tools. It also allows you to change card into items. Refer to Part II for more details. ======================================================================== 2.2.7. EXCHANGE MENU ======================================================================== Exchanging of party members can only be done at a Save Point or at the World Map. This option is available after Rinoa has joined you. Just select a party member at the stock and choose the character that you want to replace with. Sometimes the character are compulsory, the picture of the character will grey out [which means that you can't have that character's misplaced.] SPECIAL ABOUT FF8 There are special sequences called Laguna Scenarios, where you will be transported to the past and you will sometime sees an arrow like which present character [part of Squall's team] is replacing whom in the past [part of Laguna's team, Kiros and Ward] ======================================================================== 2.2.8. CARDS MENU ======================================================================== This section allows you to view the cards that you have in your hand. Cards can be won by defeating BOSS, draw from monsters or by defeating other card players. There is more information included in part II of the FAQ. For help in completing your collection, refer to Steven Bruck’s Card FAQ [of course do not missed out his awesome Guardian Force FAQ]. Refer to Eugene See’s Rare Card FAQ on getting the rare cards. [they provide useful and «hard-to-get» items when you have convert them through the Queztalcoatl's Change Card into Item Menu] ======================================================================== 2.2.9. CONFIGURATION MENU ======================================================================== You can now change your settings during the game, but NOT during battles, except for ON/OFF the vibration if you have a Dual Shock controller. Here is the section down the list: 1. SOUND: You can switch between Stereo or Monaural. 2. CONTROLLER: You can set the settings on Normal [default] or Customize [assign the buttons by yourself] 3. CURSOR: Cursor will automatically being placed at the last command. 4. ATB: Switch between [ACTIVE] where they flows normally or [WAIT] where the time stops automatically while selecting a command. 5. LABELER: Choosing the second option, the labeler will appear for those monsters/enemies that have been labeled once. 6. CAMERA: Allows you to regulate from 0 % to 100 %. Higher percentage, the better the camera view is. 7. BATTLE SPEED: Regulates the speed of the battle. 8. BATTLE MESSAGE: Regulates the speed of messages during battle. 9. FIELD MESSAGE: Regulates the speed of messages during on the field. 10. ANALOG INPUT: Regulates the reaction speed of the stick input 11. VIBRATION: Turns the vibration ON/OFF (applies to only Dual Shock controllers.) The controllers vibrates when you are summon G.Fs. ======================================================================== 2.2.10. TUTORIAL ======================================================================== A precise guide in playing FF8. Teaches you to play FF8, explain on how play the card games. The TEST will only be selectable after you have received the first progress sheet [the time when Squall is officially an SeeD member.] Unfortunately, it is Japanese ^_^; Refer to Section 3.0 for the test answers if you do not know Japanese. ======================================================================== 2.2.11. SAVE OPTION ======================================================================== Saves your game in a Memory Card or PocketStation. Could only save your game while on the WORLD MAP or at a SAVE POINT [a message will appear, saying that you must select the last option to save your game]. The Pocketstation option will be avalible after you will catch a Chocobo. 2.3 D E F A U L T B U T T O N C O N F I G U R A T I O N ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ NOTE: All button configurations used in this FAQ are used in default settings. **** Direction Pad **** Field Screen 1) Moves your character in the Field Screen or in the World Map screen. 2) Select your options / messages 3) Select items while in a shop Menu Screen: 1) Moves the cursor. It is used to switch attack, defense status and Junction attribute attacks / Defense menus when Junction Magic is present from the Junction Menu Battle Screen: 1) Use to move your cursor to select your commands during combat. **** Start button **** Field Screen 1) Use to pause the game and provides the Help Function and use to turn on/off the vibration Menu Screen 1) N/A Battle Screen 1) Use to pause the game and provides the Help Function and use to turn on/off the vibration **** Select Button **** Field Screen 1) Turns on the World Map when you have a vehicle. Menu Screen 1) N/A Battle Screen 1) Turn off the command menu display when being pressed only. **** Circle Button **** Field Screen 1) Use to talk to people 2) Use to attempt to draw magic from Magic Stones 3) Selecting your commands. 4) Use to examine items, examine a ladder, press Up to climb up the ladder and Down to climb down the ladder 5) Confirms the selection of the items that you want to sell or buy in the shops. 6) Allows your character to board the elevator. Menu Screen 1) Use to confirmed selected command Battle Screen 1) Use to confirmed selected command **** X Button **** Field Screen 1) When holding X, it will cause Squall and party to walk slowly, in a serious manner! Menu Screen 1) Cancels your commands Battle Screen 1) Cancels your battle commands **** Square Button **** Field Screen 1) Use to challenge opponents to play the Card Game [available after receiving the cards from the man near the elevator of 2nd Floor of Garden Academy.] Menu Screen 1) N/A Battle Screen 1) Use to raise the G.F. attacking strength when pressed with a good timing, available after learnt G.F. ability’s “Aid” command **** Triangle Button **** Field Screen 1) Activates the Menu Screen Menu Screen 1) N/A Battle Screen 1) Change to the character whom still be able to accept commands. **** L1 Button **** Field Screen 1) Rotates the camera view Menu Screen 1) Switches target character/G.F. [right direction] 2) Switches language from Katakana, Hiragana, English during input your character’s name. [towards left] Battle Screen 1) Uses to turn on/off the Target window. **** R1 Button **** Field Screen 1) Rotates the camera view Menu Screen 1) Switches target character/G.F. [left direction] 2) Switches language from Katakana, Hiragana, English during input your character’s name [right direction] Battle Screen 1) Trigger [in Squall's special move] **** L2 Button **** Field Screen 1) Rotates the camera view Menu Screen 1) N/A Battle Screen 1) Escape from battles [hold together with R2 button] **** R2 Button **** Field Screen 1) Rotates the camera view. Menu Screen 1) N/A Battle Screen 1) Escape from battles [hold together with L2 button] Now you are ready, let’s begin with the walkthrough! ======================================================================== 3. W A L K T H R O U G H F O R D I S C 1 ======================================================================== NOTES: I have added information on what kind of magic that you have drawn from the Draw Point and the kind of items which you have obtained by defeating the BOSS. However note that the list obtained from the battle will ONLY be avaliable if you did not use the Bundoru command. The statics of the BOSS’ HP and what kind of magic you will be drawing is variable depends on the stats of Squall. In other words, it means that as Squall has attained higher levels, the stats of the BOSS will increase. Personally, I did not know much about Japanese. All the translations are taken from a website [mentioned in credits section]. Thanks a lot or this FAQ will not be possible. The FMVs are SPOILERS, don’t read too much about them. Thanks to Macro “Vegeta” Colombo for the lyrics: ________________________________________________________________________ ****** Liberi Fatali ****** Excitate vos e somno, liberi mei. Cunae non sunt. Excitate vos e somno, liberi fatali. Somnus non eat. Surgite. Invenite hortum veritatis. Ardente veritate Urite mala mundi. Ardente veritate Incendite tenebras mundi. Valetem, liberi, Diebus fatalibus For the english translation of the song, head for the following website www.geocities.com/Area51/Nova/9862/ ________________________________________________________________________ ** Starting FMV Sequence ** Squall’s lover, Rinoa waiting eagerly for him, is surrounded by a beautiful haze of cherry blossoms and followed by some cut scenes of the battle between Squall and Seifer. Unfortunately, Squall got injured by the powerful Seifer in the process [Seifer has used magic! which is not being allowed during the battle], thus leaving a scar on his forehead. Squall return fires… zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz 3.0 F A M I L I A R I S I N G G A R D E N zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Squall will be lying unconscious at the Infirmary when he was inspected by the doctor of Balamb Garden [Dr. Kadowaki]. Dr. Kadowaki will be asking Squall whether he is alright or not, pick any one for Squall’s reply and you will be given a chance to name your character [SQUALL]. After a short conversation, Dr Kadowaki will phone Squall’s teacher, and you will have another FMV sequence… ** FMV ** Squall sighs and will be lying back on the bed. A girl dressed in blue, peeped into the infimary through the window and leaves as soon as Squall turns his head. This followed a lady wearing a pair of spectacles, dressed in the SeeD uniform whom is entering the Infirmary. That person is actually Quistis and she will instruct Squall to follow her to the classroom. Along the walkway, you will be able to talk to her by pressing the Circle button. Next you will have another FMV sequence about the students at Balamb Garden. Just followed her down the path. Next, Squall will be entering the classroom, noticed how sloppy Squall was! At the back row of the classroom, you will see Squall along with his rival, Seifer. Quistis will talk to the class that they will begin the SeeD final examinations. [The SeeD examinations is critical for those whom want to be fully-pledged SeeD soldiers.] After the exams, you will be regaining control of Squall, and this time, you will be able to view your menu [pressing Triangle button]. Now talk to Quistis whom is surrounded by a group of students. She will tell you go to the Cave of Fire and find the G.F monster, Ifrit. [G.F stands for Guardian Force monsters]. You can now go back to your seat and watch the tutorial, and tried to get a slight idea on how to use the Junction system. [Balamb Garden Network, Tutorial Menu] ********************* Balamb Garden Network **************************** [Study Panel] The network is user-friendly and easy to use. Just simply get back to Squall’s desk, pressing Circle on the study panel and you will be able access the student’s network. Next pick the first option [Tutorial], and you will be able to take your first two Guardian Force Monsters: G.F Queztalcoatl and G.F Shiva. You will be asked to name the G.F and thus being brought to the screen where you name your characters. Next you can spend your time browsing the other options. Here is an ASCII art of the screen: ___________________________________________ | BALAMB GARDEN NETWORK main index | NOTICE: | ==========================================| | | The School Festival | [ TUTORIAL ] | Commitee is only | [ THE BASICS ] | available after you | [ ABOUT GARDEN ] | have gotten the first | [ A MESSAGE FROM GARDEN ] | copy of the Timber | _____ [ GARDEN SQUARE ] | Magazine as soon as you | |SeeD | _______________________________ | have recruited Selphie | |Logo | \ School Festival Commitee \ | Tilmitt. It got some | |_____| \——————————\ | good stuffs! |___________________________________________| After collecting the first two G.Fs, it is time to equip them. You must equipped G.Fs before you can equip any of the basics commands beside ATTACK. To exit the tutorial, simply press X and then choose the first option. There is a SeeD test at the TEST menu and here are the answers: ANSWER TO THE SeeD TESTS contributed by Qingxiong and Benedict ________________________________________________________________________ Level 1: Y, N, Y, Y, Y, N, N, Y, N, N HOW TO DO THE TESTS? Level 2: Y, N, Y, Y, Y, N, Y, Y, N, N Level 3: N, N, Y, N, Y, Y, Y, N, Y, N Just select “TEST after Level 4: N, Y, Y, Y, N, N, Y, Y, N, N Squall has become a SeeD Level 5: N, N, N, Y, Y, N, N, Y, Y, Y member [completed the Dollet Level 6: Y, N, Y, Y, N, N, Y, Y, N, Y mission] from the TUTORIAL Level 7: Y, Y, Y, Y, Y, Y, N, Y, Y, N menu. There you will be Level 8: N, Y, N, N, Y, Y, N, N, Y, N receiving a question whether Level 9: N, Y, N, N, N, N, N, N, Y, Y you are doing the test or Level 10: Y, N, N, N, N, N, N, N, Y, N not? Pick the option on the Level 11: Y, Y, N, Y, Y, N, Y, N, N, Y left and you will be able Level 12: N, Y, N, N, Y, N, Y, N, Y, N to take the test. Level 13: Y, N, N, N, Y, N, N, N, N, N __________________________ Level 14: Y, Y, Y, Y, N, Y, Y, N, Y, N |SeeD Test No. 4 | Level 15: Y, Y, N, N, N, N, N, Y, N, Y | Q.2 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx | Level 16: Y, N, N, Y, N, Y, N, N, Y, N | xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx | Level 17: Y, N, N, N, Y, N, N, Y, N, N | | Level 18: Y, N, N, N, Y, N, N, N, N, N | [YES] [NO] | Level 19: Y, N, N, Y, N, N, N, N, N, Y |__________________________| Level 20: Y, Y, N, Y, N, Y, Y, Y, N, N Level 21: Y, Y, Y, Y, N, N, Y, Y, Y, N Above is an ASCII a

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