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Antony Analysis Essay, Research Paper

Antony Analysis Short Essay

The beauty of William Shakespeare s writing does not lie in his actual writing, but the themes in which his plays suggest. Almost all of his plays can be connected to a higher theme, one that most people can relate. In the play, Antony and Cleopatra, the theme of manipulation runs ramped. Similarly, this theme exists all too much in life as well. Within the last year, I have been a part of four different cultures. I have been a high school student, a college student, lived in New York City and currently live in Madison, Wisconsin. As a general rule, I believe I can trust the average person. However, every once in a while you will run into someone who does not have honest intentions while speaking with honest, nor whether feelings are legit. This is a similar concern in our culture at the moment. Simply by turning on the television you see infomercials where you see a product but do you. Some people will lie to you for money, others will use you for something you have and others want. Regardless of the situation, as a consumer and a person you must know whom to trust and whom not to trust. One of the highest compliments you can pay to someone is to admit that you trust them. In, Antony and Cleopatra, it is not clear whom you can and cannot trust. The audience is never obviously told who is honest nor what characters is truly acting throughout the play. The theme of manipulation is one that I feel a strong feeling towards because there are too many dishonest people today, and Shakespeare illustrates how they work in this play. I believe Cleopatra to be manipulative and selfish, only truly caring about herself.

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