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Hiroshima Essay, Research Paper


The first most powerful bomb, which is called the atom bomb, was dropped on August 6, 1945. In a city located in Japan, called Hiroshima. With these facts and the information i’ve read from this one book called Hiroshima I have a very strong opinion which I will speak of now. I think that the atomic bomb which was dropped on Hiroshima was a petty, childish way of trying to win a war. It was inhuman, so horrible that anyone whom lived through it, would most likely be traumatized for the rest of their living lives. I don’t think what the Americans did was very right at all. If they wanted a war, not that war is a way to solve anything, then they should have fought the old fashioned way. Rather than ruining so many peoples lives. Atomic bombs are not something that should even be in existence, but they are. There’s really nothing we can do about them, because of the more powerful people in this world. They find this extraordinary weapons to be their only defense. But I think it’s pathetic. They go off an kill so many people, and wounded the rest. They brought many cities to destruction and cost them millions of dollars to rebuild. You just can’t toy with peoples lives like that. I think it should be illegal. If they wanted to harm certain people, then fight it out with them. Don’t kill innocent peoples lives. If they knew the enormous danger and effects of this new bomb, then they shouldn’t have done it. Perhaps they could have found a different way to finish this all.

Critical Appraisal- “Z for Zachariah” and “Hiroshima”

In my personal opinion “Z for Zachariah” could have been a bit more accurate in which ways they made the radiation affect people. First off, in “Hiroshima”, which was a true story, not all the people died from the radiation, yes they got very ill from it. Such as fevers, vomiting, hair loss, white blood count going up and down, etc. But most of them died from all the wounds from the bomb. And the radiation didn’t kill and poison all the things within the bomb as it did in “Z”. “Hiroshima” had alot more telling about how the radiation effect the people physically than “Z” did. They were pretty close to getting the same idea of what happens when people get radiation, but they missed quite a few points. I can understand why the valley was saved from radiation in “Z” because maybe the bomb, or whatever it was didn’t go as far as the valley. Like in “Hiroshima” they only bombed certain towns at different times. I would say that “Z” did an okay job on being accurate with all the i! nformation they stated, such as a fever, vomiting, weakness etc.In “Z” Anne helped saved his life which made no sense, because in “Hiroshima” the doctors are trained, yet they couldn’t help most of the people. And why would Mr.Loomis’ lab be spared from the bomb, and the radiation. “Z” had alot of things which didn’t fit very well, but they were quite close.

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