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Physics Lab Essay, Research Paper

III. Results/Analysis:

My lab partner and I worked diligently in this experiment to be as accurate and as precise in our measurements and calculations with the technology provided. In part one of the experiment, we calculated the amount of force on the planet at the closest distance to be approximately 18 F. We also calculated the force on the planet at the furthest distance from the star at approximately 0.1 F. We also chose two other planets at random places on the orbit. Planet 3 had a distance of 8.5 cm from the star and a force vector of 0.885 F. Planet 4 had a distance of 8 cm from the star and a force vector of 1.129 F.

Planet:Location:Distance from the center of the star:Applied Force

(=lengh of force vector):

Planet 1Nearest to star3.0 cm18 F

Planet 2Furthest from star13 cm0.1 F

Planet 3Random8.5 cm0.855 F

Planet 4Random8.0 cm1.129 F

IV. Sample Calculations:

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