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The Heart Essay, Research Paper

The heart is the pump that powers the human body. With every heart beat it sends life giving blood throughout the body. The blood carries oxygen and food to the cells. Beating of the heart begins seven months before you are born. The heart is large, hollow, and muscular. The heart is divided into two pumps that are side by side. Veins transport blood throughout the body to the right side pump. The right pump sends blood to the lungs, where it picks up oxygen. The oxygenated blood then flows to the left side of the heart, which pumps through the rest of the body. The left-sided pump is stronger and larger than the right-sided pump. The heart changes speed during the different activities you are doing. Your heart rate is slower while you re a sleep and speeds up as you a wake. Disease can attack any part of the heart. Disorders of the heart is the leading cause death in the United States and many other countries today. The most common disease effects the arteries and so reduces the blood supply. Disorder of those arteries happens over a persons lifetime.

Some of the advances in medicine have been in cardiology, the medical field that deals with disease of the heart and the blood vessels. For thousands of years, people with heart disease did not even know they had such a problem. In the 1900 s, doctors have learned to diagnose and treat certain heart conditions that once meant death. Discoveries of new drugs and the great progress in surgery have added years to the lives of many heart patients. Doctors have transported hearts and even developed machines that can temporarily do the work of the heart. Some research seeks to reduce death and disability from heart disease through the further development of new medicines and surgical techniques. For people who have untreatable disorders, research continues into improving heart transplantation.

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