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Ali Essay, Research Paper

Much of the footage, particularly shots of Ali ingratiating himself with the natives and Foreman stepping off a plane accompanied by German shepherds, helps fill in the historical background of the fight. “Ali was loved by the Zaireans,” Gast says, “because they felt he was fighting for them. When they saw Foreman arrive with German shepherds, which is what the Belgian police used to use against them, that was it. The phrase, ‘Ali, Boomaye!’ ‘Ali, Kill him!’ was everywhere.”

In the actual fight, Ali pulled off perhaps his greatest victory ever by outfoxing as well as outfighting Foreman. In the eighth round, he rebounded off the ropes with a spectacular three-punch combination which sent Foreman to the canvas and made Ali only the second man in history ever to regain the heavyweight championship.

Gast had one of the greatest fights in boxing history on film as well as all the historical background that made it a world event. What he d

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