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Growing Up In Samurai Japan Essay, Research Paper


?Growing up in Samurai Japan? by Brenda Ralph Lewis is about the society and history of Japan. This book gives you specific details on the actions of the traditional way of the samurai and Japanese (which are the same, but samurais have different beliefs). This book also mentions how they treat their newborn child, and how strong and strict they follow their beliefs in life.

Japanese?s leader of Shogun decided that Japan should have no communication, no trading, and no contact of the outside world of what so ever. He was a well-respected leader and nobody dared to disrespect him in any way, if they did so. They would be punished, based on the leader decision. Usually, the person would get a beating, tortured, or killed. ?The Shogun was more powerful than any ?daimyo?? he was the most powerful samurai in the country. To disobey him was unthinkable.? Is what was said.

Due to the fact that Japan was isolated from the rest of the world. Japan has not yet been up to date with technology. From the 14th century to 19th century Japan has been living on there own with no contact of other countries, living how Europe was living at the time around 400 yrs. ago. When Commodore Perry of United States made contact with Japan, Japan was terrified of the steamboats riding in for they have not seen such technology. Perry came to visit to Japan to make a deal with Japan. The deal was they wanted to trade with Japan and teach Japan some of the ways of United States. This was a deal that Japan could not pass up on, or Perry was going to make Japan take the deal by force.

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