Реферат: Pros And Cons Of Death Penalty Essay

Pros And Cons Of Death Penalty Essay, Research Paper

Texas is known for many things, both socially and politically. The death penalty is a very serious issue that we as Texans need to concentrate on in the upcoming election. The Death Penalty has been around forever even back into the dark ages. It is the way that we punish people for crimes they have been convicted of or have confessed. We do not stone people as they did in the dark ages it is much more civilized; it is done by lethal injection. Because of things like over population in the jails,and things of that nature. The belief that the more “hardcore” cases should be put to the maximum punishment by the system which has been elected. They have done the crime and now they must pay for what they have done.

Who are we to take life into our own hands. Do we actually know if he accused person is guilty, so we are willing to risk the chance of being wrong, and murder a human being for his wrong doings. People consider this justice, while others consider it cruel and unusual punishment.

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