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The Genre Of Science Fiction Essay, Research Paper

The Genre of Science Fiction

Science Fiction has been interpreted by many in a wrong way. Most people feel that the author is just in love with the future. However this is not the truth in most science fiction novels. The majority of Science Fiction books are more about the horrors of the future. In Fahrenheit 451 the author Ray Bradbury makes an argument for societies need to consider that the outcomes of science fiction might become realities. The origin of science fiction evolved from the industrial revolution that spawned notions of the rockets, robots, time machines, computers, satellites, matter-transports, and the like (Johnson 6). Science Fiction has dramatically changed over the years form total destruction of the earth, to more of a wonderful place to live. We should consider events rationally and is concerned with the impact of change on people (Gunn and Boucher 1). There have been two events in history which has change science fiction into what is today, the explosion of the first atomic bomb and landing on the moon (Gunn and Boucher 5). Think about it, seeing a little space ship go millions of miles into space and landing on a moon. People would thinks to themselves wow. Or seeing a huge mushroom cloud fling into the air and destroy everything it touches. That the only purpose of science fiction is to deals with events that did not happen, may have happened, or have not yet happened (Gunn and Boucher 1). People often have a hard time understanding that Science Fiction and Fantasy are very different from one another. Fantasy deals with the supernatural where as Science Fiction doesn t. So in no way will Science Fiction ever be the same as Fantasy.

One of the greatest writes of his time, Ray Bradbury has contributed so much to the science fiction world. He has the ability to make people think about subjects which they have never thought about. He is different from all the other writes due to the fact that he is a self taught writer (Johnson 4). He is such a good writer because he interbreeds his dreams and his youthful experiences into his works. He tries to show us possible earthbound futures with death, his science-fiction stories, set on earth tend to be warnings (Mogen 94). When reading Fahrenheit 451 you get a feeling like Bradbury is trying to tell people of the possibly of a world where books are burned and are forbidden. That he does not want these horrible futures to come true, so in a sense he doesn t want to predict them.

When looking at science fiction we, as humans should get a lot of revelation out of them. One that is the most obvious is symbolic revelation the literature of fantastic contains symbols which reflect the deep core of truth with a all lives while outwardly representing improbable people, places and things (Antczak 39). People should always look for truth because the second you stop looking, the second your world will go into chaos. When reading a science fiction novel or story the authors often tries to get a response from you. The response may be emotional, intellectual, or even a call to action, the also make us feel our realities in ways that delight or frighten us (Antczak 38).

Books are what people are. If it were not for books then do you thinks you could be as intellectual as you are today. We as humans take for granted what books give us every day, the knowledge of not being ignorant. If it where for books we would never know what asses and fools we are (Bradbury 114). Just thinks about all the time and effort writers put into their books. Years or even a lifetime, just to put down something that was important to them. The Montag, the main character in Fahrenheit 451, comes along and destroys them within a second.

Fahrenheit 451 shows us the possibilities of a world were books are burned and not allowed. Humans no longer have the right to make themselves more intellectual. All we our to do is to work and to be entertained. This book shows people of how much we take advantage of the freedom to do things. That it could be tomorrow in which humans don t have the same freedoms as the day before, that our world could be throw into a world of disaster. Humans most ominous threat of the future is our tendency fatuously to ignore problems (Mogen 94). The characters in this novel are in no way there own individuals. In this world they are no longer, all humans are created equal they are created equal. That if people do not stay their own individuals we will no longer be different from one another. That if you feel something so strongly in your heart you should follow it and not what society is telling you, which is only trying to hold you back. Montag show us how valuable freedom is by committing murder for his freedom. This book depicts a world in which the American dream has turned nightmare because it has been superficially understood (Mogen 105).

The main reason for Fahrenheit 451 being written is to show people that we could and may live in a world with less freedom. That people can no longer read books to become more intellectual. American has a problem of a …materialist image of human nature and human culture reinforced through mass entertainment media (Mogen 107). People should always contrast more deeply about people s human values that people should care about others and not just themselves. That we should not ignore problems today or else we will have to suffer the effects of them latter. Bradbury uses science fiction due to the fact that is a great way of getting people to react to his revelation.

Ray Bradbury is one of the best science fiction writers of his time due to the fact that he could make people think about things which they never really though about. That this world we live in could be tomorrow no more. He is very talented when it comes to interbreeding technology into his stories. Bradbury feels that books are people in a way. When that author dies what does he leave behind, his stories, novels, or essays. The only way for us to know about that author is to read what he/she wrote. That happiness can only be found threw ourselves and not others. Think about it, can anyone make you feel a certain way? No, it is impossible; you choose the way you feel by what they say. In the story Faber is happy due to fact I don t talk things sir. I talk the meaning of things. I sit here and know I m alive (Bradbury 103). Faber is happy because when he reads he feels as if he is alive. He does not get happiness threw entertainment but threw gaining knowledge. Bradbury feels that when someone dies, they always leave something behind. In the story Faber says Everyone must leave something behind when he dies it doesn t matter what you do, so long as you change something that s like you after you taken your hands away (Bradbury 182).


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