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Rookie Of The Year Essay, Research Paper

TJ Lawrence

7J 4-25-00

Novel Assignment

Rookie Of The Year

Part 1.

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Who is the rookie this year?

Do you think that the Brooklyn Dodgers have had a rough season? With all of the sicknesses and all of the losses. And with the fact that the Cardinals are always in first. They want to win the pennant so bad. The manager Spike wants to win it fairly. They are doing pretty good though. Thrid place isn’t a bad one. The Brooklyn Dodgers have been playing hard to get where they are. There were alot of hardships that they all had to over look. They also made an awsome come back to make it to the playoffs, then they beat out the Pitsburg Pirates so the can play the St. Louis Cardnials in the finals. If you wanna find out how they did your just going to have to read on.

He doesn’t want his players to be drinking anything during the season. If he catches them there in for it deep. The coach will fine the players the first time their caught with fifty dollars. The second time they get suspended and a hundred dollar fine. The third time..well there isn’t a third time. When the coach made this statement at the end of a game in the locker room, the most mouthy person on the team even knew that he meant it because Raz didn’t say a thing. The coach has also almost caught many people on the team but they get extremely lucky and get away with it. The players think that alcohol is the answer to all the stress after the game. Yet the coach knows that it will only get the players sick and he is only doing this so that the players stay safe for the games. Bones was fined once for alcohol and it wasn’t to much his fault. It was because of his roomie who took him out and got him drunk because he thought he was to stressed out. Spike made an example out of Bones and they moved Bones with another room mate. Bones Hathaway was now stuck with an old veteran pitcher and he didn’t like it. Mr. MacManus who owned the team was going to suspend Bones Hathaway because Spike was being a hot head. He kept screwing thing up and Mr. MacManus was going to take it out on his team. Luckely Spikes brother Bob was there and cooled Mr. macmanus’ temper.

The Dodgers have been playing tons of games just so they can win the pentane. All they want is the pentant. They even play games from like ten o’clock at night and can go on till two a.m. The Cardinals are in first, Pirates in second, and the Dodgers in third. They have beaten the Cardinals before but not enough times to move ranks around. They want to face the Cardinals in the World Series for the pentane because they are pretty sure that they can beat them. The Dodgers were actually on a winning streak at one point then their best rookie pitcher became sick. He was one of the reasons they had a winning streak but on the first day they won he had bacon, eggs, and toast. The next game he ate the same breakfast and they won again. So he was being superstitious and ate that breakfast for eleven days straight. The coach gave a long speach about them eating right and he was very upset that his best rookie pitcher was sick. Spike had a talk with Bones Hathaway after he got better and asked him some question. He wanted to make sure that Bones wasn’t getting sick because the other team paid him and that Bones was a good hitter but didn’t show it because the other team paid him.

The last game. Only one game was left for those courageous Brooklyn Dodgers. They made it. They made it all they to the pentane game. It was just them and the St. Louis Cardinals. Before the game their manager Spike game them a little speech. It wasn’t much, but it was enough. Spike told the team about what would happen if the won. He told them how great it has been playing ball with them. He also told them that he would rather lose with this team then win with the New York Yankees. Spike told them how happy they made him that they go this far and no matter win or lose he would always love this team. Then Bones Hathaway stood up and told him,”Spike, we are going to win this one for you anyway.”Well, the went out there. Not all loud and noisy but calm. The went out to play a great game. Until the ninth inning. The score was nil (zero) to nil. Cardinals came up and scored runs and took the lead. This didn’t send the Brooklyn Dodgers into the gutter though. It just made them want to play harder and stronger. Before the game there was a reporter that was bothering everyone. He was bothering the coaches mostly though. He kept saking for pictures and interviews. Spike was cool with it and let it go but the St. Louis Cardnials coach wasnt to happy and it took him awhile to let them interview him. Durring this Bones Hathaway was on the mound and was being bothered by other reporters while he was trying to practice his pitching.They kept getting base hits and triples. The kept scoring runs. They had two outs and the game winning hit all came down on Bones Hathaway. Bones Hathaway was the novice pitcher. Two outs and he get thrown a strike. Count is zero and one. Next pitch…umpire calls a strike. Now Bonesy who has never said anything to the umpires and let the manager spike do that stepped out of the box and started fighting with the umpire about the call. Then the umpire turned around and the whole stadium was with Hathaway on this call. He turned back to Bonsey and says if Bonsey says another word he will eject him from the game. So Bonsey steps back into the box. Now his count zero balls and two strikes. Spike is thinking he made a mistake by putting in Hathaway and should have gone with a pinch hitter. The Cardinals pitcher throws it. Its a fast ball right down the middle and boom! The ball is headed to the fence. Hathaway came through and knocked the winning run which was at third base home and the Dodgers won it. The Brooklyn Dodgers won the pentane!

Stubblebeard, the umpire, was he fair? Do you think that he referied a fair and cleane game? He kept calling things for thre Brooklyn Dodgers and not the Cardnials. So…the Brooklyn Dodgers won the pentane after all. After all of the hardships and sacafices and all of those small matters that stood in their way. They tried hard and sucseded. I guess there was a moral to this story. It was that if you try hard you can achive. Or thats what I think it is. Well, it seemed as if it was ment to be. That the Brooklyn Dogers were ment to win the pennant and go home winners and make their manager Spike a very happy man. But you still have to think..was it the pep talk at the begening, or was it just pure luck and they tried their best just becasue its the pennant that their after?

Part 2.

1. Ten words:

Trampling, Novice, Descended, Endless, Recalling, Evident, Corridor, Distinctly,

Beckoned, and Sprawling


a. Trampling- v. To treat harshly or ruthlessly.

b. Novice- n. A beginner.

c. Descended-v. 1. To move from a higher to a lower place; come or go down.

d. Endless-adj. Being or seeming to be without an end or limit; boundless.

e. Recalling- v. To remember; recollect.

f. Evident-adj. Easily seen or understood; obvious. See synonyms at apparent.

g. Corridor-n. 1. A narrow hallway or passageway, often with rooms opening onto it.

h. Distinctly-adj. Easily perceived; clear.

i. Beckoned-v. 1. To summon by nodding or waving.

j. Sprawling-v. To spread out haphazardly.


a. Not just beating the Cards, not trapmling the league leaders, but much more, the condfidence to

make a rookie a regular, to give him the stuff to go onto other triumphs. page1

b. Clyde Baldwin, a novice fielder, strode up. page 8

c. As he saw the ball descend into Red Allen’s mit. page 4

d. Not a clean hit, not a solid blow, as a fitting end to that endless struggle, but an easy ball, a

topped roller near the plate, no more then twenty feet from Klein. page 56

e. He disliked recalling the scene. page 77

f. It was evident the Dodgers weren’t the only ones to feel the coming of September in their tired

bones. page 94

g. Just at this moment Spike Russell in the other corridor came into his room, shut the door, and

taking off his coat emptied the contents of his pockets on the bureau. page 151

h. He heard them once again, distinctly. page 191

i. Spike beckoned and leaned over. page 206

j. He had trouble dogging the ball, and it sent him sprawling foolishly back into the dirt, his bat

clattering from his hand. page 218


a. The Chicago Bulls were trampling the Miami Heat in a basketball game because the had four

times the heats score.

b. Toby was a novice at playing the gun game at the computer sense it was his first time playing.

c. The income of the company descended as they invested in a bad stock, it plunged faster than the

speed of light.

d. The war of 1812 seemed like an endless fight that has no meaning.

e. Yesterday, the teacher recalled some facts about the lesson from Monday.

f. The detective found that it was evident that the cat burglar was Shane.

g. The only thing between the girls cabin and the guys was the corridor that we walked through to

get to the mess hall.

h. The painting by the artist was distinct because you could tell that the artist was reaching for a

point of view of a child.

i. Charlie beckoned us on the other side of the class room during the quiz because he wanted the

answer to number three.

j. When Janis had her seizure which made her sprawl like crazy on the floor.

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