Реферат: Untitled Essay Research Paper Jeff is sitting

Untitled Essay, Research Paper

Jeff is sitting with a group of children & a couple of counselors doing an inside activity. It appears that the counselor is singing a song that is interactive with the children. Jeff appears to be very active & full of energy. When he is called to stand up he jumps up & down & spins around erratically. As he is sitting down he is continuously talking to the counselor on his left or the girl on his right. He is filling his cheeks with air & is pushing it from side to side. He is constantly rubbing his feat on the rug or crossing & uncrossing his legs. He appears to be very anxious. The children have these little rectangles of rug that they are sitting on. Jeff is pulling it over his head & hugging it while focusing on the counselor. He’s starting to chew on it & rubbing his face on it. All of a sudden he gets up & runs across the room & with two hands he slams the rug into the storage box where it belongs. He then runs back across the room towards the restroom & pushes himself in front of two other children. He apparently is using the restroom. A counselor is helping him wash & dry his hands. He then runs across the room & pretends to bounce off a refrigerator & over to a table with a few other kids & a counselor. He grabs something off the table & the counselor says “no!” There is no real expression of surprise on his face. He then runs over towards the locker, stops, walks backwards for a few steps, spins around then grabs a backpack. He is smiling the whole time. He then trots back to the table with a big grin on his face & says, “I want to show you something.” When it appears that no one is paying attention he leans on his backpack like it’s a pillow. He is rocking back & forth watching everyone at the table. He then unzips his multi-colored backpack and says, “I have a special treat!” He holds up something wrapped in paper. The counselor pushes a bowl towards him & he puts his “treat” down. He reaches into the bowl & starts eating the contents. He grabs a small pitcher of water that the counselor has filled up & starts to pour himself a glass. He then fills the child’s glass to the right of him & then to the left. He seems very proud of himself. He then grabs his package & tells everyone that he’ll share it with them. He continues to eat & drink. The whole time he is talking but it doesn’t seem to be directed to anyone in particular. He starts to play the drums lightly on the table. The counselor starts to read the children a book. He appears to become very attentive. All of a sudden he appears to be very anxious. He’s kind of pointing at the book & looks like he wants to say something but doesn’t want to interrupt the counselor. He gets a chance & starts to say something but is cut off by the counselor. He waits a bit longer & then says, “it’s like breast milk, you put that thing on then push it,” as he makes a gesture like he’s pushing his chest on the left hand side. He continues to listen very studiously. He appears to be the most vocal of this small group of children at the table. He continues to eat & drink while listening to the story. He begins to lean forward on the table as to get a better look & then knocks over his water. He says, “oh oh!” He lifts the boy to his lefts arm & starts to wipe it up with his napkin. The counselor hands him a sponge & he starts to sop up the water but is actually pushing it off the table onto the floor. Another counselor walks up to the table & starts to talk to Jeff. He appears to be listening very intently. When the counselor walks away Jeff reaches over to the boy on his right, touches his nose & smiles. He grabs the water pitcher & refills his glass. He takes the sponge & squeezes the water into the food bowl. The counselor says, “not that one,” and slides him another bowl. He squeezes it into that bowl. The counselor begins to read to them again. Jeff listens intently. He appears to be very verbal. He continually voices his opinions & thoughts. He gets another napkin & starts to clean again. Another counselor comes up & asks him about his package. He picks up his package that is all wet now, looks at it then puts it on the floor behind him & looks at it. He again focuses on the counselor that is reading to them. He props his head up by putting his chin on both hands. He seems to move back & forth a lot. While he is listening he chews on his fingers & plays with his mouth. Even though he is listening to the counselor very closely he still appears very active. He looks down at the ground, I believe at his package, then back at the teacher. The boy to the right taps him on the arm but Jeff appears to ignore him. The boy persists, then Jeff looks at him then lightly slaps the boys face, then focuses back on the teacher.


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