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Paraphrase Of Stanley Milgram’s Perils Of Obedience Essay, Research Paper

The Perils of Obedience

This experiment is a test to see if people are naturally aggressive. Milgram does not believe that people are naturally aggressive. Although some people think people are naturally aggressive. Ordinary people can be part of a bad course of actions without having any anger toward then victim.

In finding that people are not naturally aggressive. Milgram now alters the experiment to find out why do people act the way they do. He compiled the experiment to answer, why do people obey authority, even when the actions are against their own morals.

One reason is to please authority. People in general like the feeling they get when they are doing a good job. Even though they know what they are doing is morally wrong, the way they tried to justify themselves is by verbally disagreeing. By doing this they feel that they are on the side of the angels. A lot of people do not have the ability to disobey authority.

Another reason people obey is that they have a sense of obligation to their duty. This is just the whole idea of completing the job that s given to you. Some people have a fear of being perceived as brash, or rude. In general, people want to present themselves in the best way possible.

Civilian obedience also comes from the sense that the responsibility for the victim is not their own. Since they do not have the blood on their hands, so to speak, their actions do not effect them.

It was found that the reasons for obedience are not only psychological but sociological as well. Milgram provides the idea of division of labor. As long as the product comes from an assembly line, there is no one person to blame. Milgram made an example of Adolf Eichman. Eichman was part of the assembly line of the Holocaust. He would sit at his desk, follow orders, and fill out death warrants. These warrants were sent to the commandants of the concentration camps, and they proceeded to follow these orders. Eichman never really saw the end product. So how is he one to blame, or anyone for that matter? They were just following orders.

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