Реферат: Fall Of Rome Essay Research Paper Lesson

Fall Of Rome Essay, Research Paper

Lesson 1: Making Healthy Choices

Lesson Assignment 1.1

1. Health

2. False

3. Wellness- a condition of physical, intellectual, environmental, and social well-being

4. Life expectancy

5. Health behavior, physical environment, hereditary influences, and quality of health care services

6. False

7. Physical, intellectual, emotional, social

8. No. The skiing example is a great illustration of this point. Skiing has many risks of serious injury, but the positive outcome of fun and satisfaction outweigh the negative outcome.

9. Identify the problem. Consider your options. Evaluate the outcomes. Decide and act. Review the results.

10. Recognition, motivation, commitment.

11. Consumer health- focuses on helping you make responsible decisions about products and services that can affect your health.

12. True

Lesson Assignment 1.2

1. EPIDERMIS- thin, outer layer of the skin that is primarily made up of dead skin cells which acts as the very first line of defense. Also it produces the nonliving parts of skin like hair and nails.

DERMIS- thick, inner layer of the skin that contains the most specialized structures- blood vessels, the nerve endings, and sweat and oil glands. This is also where the fat is stored.

2. PROTECTION- the first line of defense for the body is the skin. The hardened cells and oily substances in the epidermis keep disease-causing organisms out of the body. Also it uses pigments to keep out UV rays and harmful light so the skin stays healthy. Also hairs and nails act to keep dust away from the skin and protect the delicate tips of fingers.

SENSATION- Receptors, which are nerve endings, receive information on the environment and constantly sends these signals to the brain. This helps you avoid harmful situations as the receptors sense extreme temperature and dangerous objects.

TEMPERATURE REGULATION- The skin has sweat glands and blood vessels that help keep the temperature consistently between 97-99 *F. Perspiration as well as blood flow is used to release heat. In heat blood vessels dilate and you sweat release heat to cool the body. In the cold sweat glands slow production and blood vessels do not dilate. Also the fat is used to combat the cold. Additionally, hairs compress and cuddle against the skin to trap the heat.

3. Dermatitis

4. True

5. Cancer

6. Sun screen

7. Sunblock

8. plaque

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