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Violence In Society Essay, Research Paper

There is excessive violence in society, and it is escalating, as evidence by

music, TV, movies, videos, and in schools. How has music and society made

people more violent? Violence is everywhere, and some people realize it. Teens

are around violence everyday. It’s found in school, the music they listen to and

the movies they watch. After kids come home from a school

with violence in it, then they go home and play video games with guys chopping

other peoples head off, which is very violent.

Parents don’t realize what their children listen to. A lot of kids listen to

gangster rap. Lyrics from gangster rap contain horrible things like: drugs, sexual

abuse, anti social behavior, calling women, or referring to them as “bitches” and

whores. (Webb A1+) There are people that study teens who worship gangster

rapers. Tempe Psychologist, Susan C. Olson is disturbed by young people who

like gangster rapers. “?Here you have somebody giving kids permission to rebel

against all the rules telling them that to be cool, you’ve go to do damage. (Webb

A1+) As a result kids today are getting into a lot of trouble with drive by

shootings. Another person that’s been around violence is Sgt. John Meza of the

Mesa Arizona Police Department’s gang Unit who leads seminars about gangs,

We’ve debriefed kids who were involved in drive by shootings and discovered that

playing gangster rap before the ride was part of the ritual. It got them pumped up

and gave them then nerve to shoot. (Webb A1+) Teens admit to rap making

people Violent, make them want to fight. An eight year old gangster rapier said, ”

I like the way rap tells it. He admits that rapiers make people act violent. (Webb

A1+) How attached to rap or, how much you can so-called listen to the words?

How can you get so involved with it, for it to make you go out and shoot

someone? A sixteen year old girl named Shwana Suiter of Mesa Arizona, she

said, “I like doing it and I like listening to it. I used to listen to my rap albums,

argue with my mom, then go out and get in fights. So yeah, I’d say the music

influences people. It makes you think, It pumps you up, gets you ready to fight.”

(Webb A1+) Rap music gets teens to do crazy things. Even most serious things

like killing someone and using drugs.

Violent messages such as death, and drugs has an effect on how you act.

It portrays so much killing and death that in the end, it lessons the impact

of death and actually gives kids reasons to kill. (Webb A1+)Teens like rap

because of the beat, bass of the music. “Sure I like gangster rap, everybody I

know likes it,” said Veronica Rodrigues, a seventeen year old, from Chandler.

“We like the beat, and especially the bass. As for all those lyrics go, you hear

them, but you don’t pay attention all the time.” (Webb A1+)

In movies, TV shows, and video games, there is excessive violence. It’s

becoming a way of life (Lawrence 6-14) In the first forty minuets of the movie

Terminator II, there was about forty acts of violence. (Terminator) Some of these

acts include being burnt with a cigar hit with bat, breaking arms, and the stabbing

of the frostier parents in the head. Arnold Shwgrzenegger in the lead role did a lot

of damage such as throwing two guys through a window, shooting a guard at the

gate in the leg; shooting the other terminator. (Terminator) It might be hard to

believe but there is violence in cartoon shows. In a seven minute cartoon, “Gee

Whizz, there were 33 acts of violence viewed? Wile E. Coyote is hit by a car, he

is also blow up with dynamite. (Stars) There are several gunshots and a boulder

crushes Coyote. (Stars)”Gee Whizz” isn’t the only TV show with violence. In the

cartoon MTV’s “Beavis and Butt Head”, they torture animals, they harassed girls, sniff paint

thinner, commit credit card fraud. The also set things on fire, shop lifts and steals

cars. (Lawrence) Video games are something that has a lot of violence especially

fighting games. In the game “Mortal Kombat” players commit violent acts using

paddles and joysticks: “players?slap, kick and even burn each other. Sound

effects include grunts, screams and a death rattle?the winner murders the loser

by ripping out his beating heart or tearing his head off then hoisting it aloft with

bloody spinal cord, still dangling (Lawrence 7)

Kids and parents don’t realize how much people, mostly kids watch TV.

Children sit in front of the tube for an average of seventeen hours a week,

watching depictions of remorseless murder and mayhem. The average young

television viewer will see over twenty-five thousands murders. (Lawrence 6-14)

Teenagers spend most of their time in school. They’re in school seven

hours a day sometimes more time in a classroom and school atmosphere. Schools

aren’t as safe as they used to be. There are fights, drugs being sold. The

national CDC (Centers for Disease Control) took a survey. This is and example of

the shocking violence, in schools, one out of five high school students carries a

weapon at least once a month for self-protection or to use in fights. (Glazer) The

CDC also came up with some shocking statistics. An incredible 65% of schools

associated violent deaths were students. (Facts) the teachers associated with

violent death, are 11% were they and other staff members, and 23% were

community members who were killed on school property (Facts 1). The CDC also

took a survey on how many kids carry weapons. In high school 7.6% them carry a


District’s 91% have written policy prohibiting student violence and 80.3% have a

policy that specifically address weapons Poisson and use among students. (Fact 2)

Teens think that by carrying a gun they’re safer. They think that they need it to

protect themselves. The CDC said that 10% of participants had recently carried a

gun. There was a great concern about exposure to violence in schools and

neiborhoods. (Facts 3) Kids are carry guns more and more. The education and

justice Departments compare information from 1989 to 1995, it states that the

percentage of students reporting gangs at school nearly doubled to 28%. Students

say 13% say they know whom brings guns to school along with their books.

(Violent) Drugs are all over to prove it the justice department says “65% of

students say they can buy drugs at school.(Violent)

The government survey shows that crime in students between the

ages of 12-19, is rising rapidly. (Violent)

These kids come home with their report cards, and their kids failed math,

and the parents don’t blame the kid they blame the teacher. A 6′8 guy named

Robinson from Boston attacked a teacher; the teacher Antonio Centio gave his

daughter an eighteen year old a D minus in math. Her father got angry and

attacked the teacher in the hallway. Leonard the schools head master saw the hole

thing, Robinson pleaded not guilty and got away free. Serious violent crimes are

on the rise. The National Center for Education statistics said 10% of schools

report serious violent crimes, like rape, suicide robbery, physical attacks, and

fights with a weapon. (Violence) Too prove the schools are violent. In a shooting

in Arkansas four students and one teacher were dead.

Children’s Defense found, that every day thirteen kids under twenty are

killed. (Violence) There are shootings all over the Country.

In a school in Ohio, a twelve-year-old shot a twenty two-caliber gun

during lunch, hitting another student. (Glazer). Also in California two boys ages

eight to ten, held up a teacher with a gun. (Glazer) Two kids got a nine miller

meter that they stashed at on the kid’s house. They were annoyed at a carload of

teens that were taught them. Joseph snatched the gun from, friend Denis whose

finger was on the trigger. Then tragically the bullet put a hole through Joseph’s

Chest. (Piloto 1A+)

Many teenagers use weapons when their parents aren’t home and some times get

hurt. (Piloto 1A+) More shooting in California two boys robbed a teacher at gun

point, leading to the school officials not working after school hours. (Glazer 787)

There is a lot of violence in our community and it is rising as evidence by

things that teens do, go to, and watch. What are kids going home to if now they

go home to drugs and violence. If violence over all doesn?t stop getting greater

then this country will be in total choas. Teen violence is rising dramatically at this

pace with the destruction how will it be in ten years. Parents should be more

aware of what there kids do, watch, and listen to.

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